Man sticks Jai Shri Ram sticker on his Lamborghini after YouTube fans give him 2 million likes

A YouTuber fulfilled the wishes of his followers on social media platforms after he pasted the phrase “Jai Shree Ram” on the hood of his Lamborghini. The owner of the car asked for 2 million likes and 1 lakh comments on his video for pasting the “Jai Shree Ram” to the supercar.

Famous YouTube personality uploaded a video a few days ago asking for a certain number of likes and comments on his video. He specifically asked his followers to add 2 million likes and 1 lakh comments and promised to add the phrase to his car. The video became viral and his followers gave what he asked for. The YouTuber then kept his promise and unveiled the Huracan with the “Jai Shree Ram” phrase.

The text written in Devanagari is pased on the the bonnet of the supercar. The YouTuber along with a few friends removed the cover from the vehicle revealing the new addition.


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There have been multiple occasions where famous YouTubers have promised a certain act in lieu of specific number of likes or comments but this is the first time that someone has done something like this to their supercar.

Man sticks Jai Shri Ram sticker on his Lamborghini after YouTube fans give him 2 million likes

In the video, he says that they went to a shop first to get this written on the hood of the car. However, they did not have the font and the paper they would have liked to put on their vehicle. That is why they have ordered the sticker and will install it on their own. By the end of the video, they show how they installed the sticker on the vehicle.

Mridul also owns an old Porsche Boxster. Interestingly, both the sportscars owned by him are pre-owned.

Police issue challans to illegal stickers

Police in the past have targeted many vehicles with illegal stickers including cast, government job posts and others. The police of Uttar Pradesh have issued challans to such vehicles. We are not sure if this sticker on the Lamborghini is legal as per the police and the Motor Vehicle Act.

The new rule came into effect after Harshpal Prabhu from Maharashtra wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office on the same matter. He conveyed to the PMO that such displays of caste on cars should be addressed to stop caste-based crime. As the letter went viral, the UP transport department issued the order. No other state had initiated such a drive at that point.

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