Man uses Audi luxury car as a makeshift tea stall: Internet goes crazy [Video]

The demand for luxury cars in the used car market has increased in the last four to five years. In the past, we have discussed why this is happening and the reason for their affordable price tags. Businessmen have been known to use cars and motorcycles as part of their marketing strategies. Recently, a tea seller from some part of the country was spotted selling tea from his luxury Audi car, which has now gone viral on the internet.

Ashish Trivedi shared the video on his Instagram page. In the short video, a couple of young people are standing next to a small makeshift tea stall. The owner of the business is making tea on his makeshift arrangement. We can see an Audi luxury car parked right next to the table where he has placed the stove and other necessary utensils, with the boot open. Upon looking into the boot, we can see that it contains items required for making tea, such as a flask that might be used to store milk.

There are several people standing next to the car, and the gas cylinder is placed outside the sedan. This is a unique approach to grab buyers’ attention. Passers-by will undoubtedly notice the luxury car and the tea stall next to it, leaving a lasting impression with the buyer. The Audi sedan is the main attraction of this shop and it might be used as part of the owner’s strategy to popularize the business.

Man uses Audi luxury car as a makeshift tea stall: Internet goes crazy [Video]
Audi tea stall

The person who recorded the video appears to be confused. In the video, he asks whether the owner bought an Audi car by selling tea or is trying to make money by selling tea to keep the Audi. Luxury cars like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are often available in the used car market for a very affordable price. Many people are tempted to buy these cars without considering the high maintenance costs associated with them. It is not clear, whether the owner of this tea business had this Audi sedan with him always or did he just buy this car to make it part of his new business.

Similar comments can be seen below the video. One commenter suggests that the owner may be selling the car to afford fuel, while others suggest that the owner is selling tea to pay off the car’s EMIs. As mentioned earlier, the person who posted the video also seems confused. The exact story why the person is selling the tea from the back of his Audi luxury car is not clear. We really hope, it is just a part of his new business strategy. This is not the first time such a thing has been seen in India. Recently, a video surfaced of a 21-year-old female engineer who is selling pani puri (India street snack) after completing her studies, from her custom-built food cart, which she carries around by attaching it with her Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

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