Man writes “Yogi Sevak” on bike registration; UP Police issues Rs 6,000 challan

India is a country where people escape breaking laws openly without much fear of traffic police and rules, especially in smaller towns. One of the common things followed by people in this regard is tempering with the license plate of their vehicles. However, in many cases, such people are caught and imposed with hefty fines. Much like in this incident reported from Varanasi, where traffic police caught a motorcycle rider for an orange license plate with ‘Yogi Sevak’ written on it.

Man writes “Yogi Sevak” on bike registration; UP Police issues Rs 6,000 challan

An image of a Hero Super Splendor rider riding his motorcycle with orange number plates caught the attention of many netizens. Apart from the orange colour, this license plate also had ‘Yogi Sevak’ written in the middle of the digits.

With these highlights, the Super Splendor rider was trying to showcase his image as an avid follower of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and his religious ideologies. The eight-second video featuring the Super Splendor and his owner riding it on a public road was captured by another person riding behind him, who uploaded it on his social media account.

However, apart from the netizens, the post also caught the attention of Uttar Pradesh traffic police, who were prompt enough to take legal action against the motorcycle owner. Based on the eight-second video featuring the motorcycle and its rider as evidence, the traffic police of Varanasi imposed a penalty of Rs 6,000 on the motorcycle owner.

UP Police confirms the action

In one of its social media posts, the Uttar Pradesh traffic police confirmed the legal action and penalty imposed on the motorcycle owner. In that post, the traffic police made its stand clear that there was no leverage provided to ‘Yogi Sevak’, who was openly flouting traffic rules without any fear of the laws.

Apart from penalizing, the traffic police also nabbed the motorcycle rider in the Bhojubir area of Varanasi. After that, he was told to take off the illegal number plates and install the legal license plates recommended under traffic rules.

In the case of private-owned vehicles, the owners have to install white-coloured license plates with their registration number imprinted on them in black-coloured fonts, as specified by Regional Transport Office (RTO). However, many people openly flout the traffic laws by tempering the license plates of their vehicles and customizing them with creative fonts, caste names and colours, which is prohibited under traffic laws.

Diplsay of surnames not allowed

The authorities notified about the new order on 24th December 2020. Since then, the cops have issued numerous challans across the state. The first case happened in Kanpur, UP where a person received a challan of Rs 500. Police booked him under section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act. As per the cops, repeating the same will invite a fine of Rs 1,500. However, the vehicle of the RMO had stickers on the registration plate also.

This is not the first time that UP Police have acted against such vehicles. Last year, Gautam Budh Police station formed special teams and did a two-day drive against such vehicles. Hundreds of challans were issued and the cops also removed the stickers from the vehicles on the spot. The law for taking action against a display of caste or position of power is already in the MV Act. However, most state police forces ignore them.