Manual transmission driving mistakes: Part 2

Too much throttle in a higher gear (when revs are low)

Solution: Drop down a gear when you need power

There’s a tendency of misinformed drivers to shift up the gears so that the engine doesn’t rev too much and then use the top gear to make progress. Diesel engines have their torque and power developed at lower rpms, so one can shift without the need to increase the revs too much, but even then early shifts and added throttle don’t work well together. While early shifts are alright if you aren’t going fast, but if you intend to do so, then shift down a gear or two.

Rest your foot on the clutch pedal

Solution: Dead pedal

dead pedal

The reason you have a dead pedal/foot rest in your car is that you must take your foot off the clutch pedal when it’s not in use. Resting the foot on the pedal itself means you might end up riding the clutch, which is again harmful for the clutch as well as the throwout bearing.

The video


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