Tata Indica Converted Into A Lounge: India’s First Ever Car Cafe (Video)

india's first car caf maple pods

You must have visited a cafe or a restaurant by taking your car to it. However, have you ever visited one in which you sit inside a car? Well, now you can. This is because a new cafe has popped up in Mumbai in which you can book a pod inside a restaurant, which is actually a car converted into a lounge where you can watch movies, TV series, and other things on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms. These pods are called Maple Pods, and recently, a video showing this unique concept has been shared online.

Cafe In A Car

The video of this unique car cafe pod has been shared on YouTube by My Life As Henu on their channel. It starts off with the presenter introducing this unique concept called Maple Pods, and in this, the company Maple Pods places its unique car pods, which have been converted into lounges, in popular restaurants or cafes in cities. Currently, these pods are available in four cities – Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Noida. She then states that she is visiting the one Mitron Cafe in Andheri, Mumbai.

Tata Indica Converted Into A Lounge: India’s First Ever Car Cafe (Video)

Following this, she shows the main pod, which is an old Tata Indica hatchback that has been converted into a lounge to accommodate two to three people. The four-door design of the original car has been converted into two long doors, of which one side has been closed, and two windows have been placed on each side. It can be noted that it gets a lounge-like seat and a sliding table in front and a smart TV in front. It also gets an air conditioner, and it also gets touch-based buttons on the floor to control the lights inside the pod.

How do you order food?

Tata Indica Converted Into A Lounge: India’s First Ever Car Cafe (Video)

Next up, she shows the menu card, which is placed on the table, and she also shows the QR code through which the menu can be accessed on a smartphone. The presenter then highlights that there is a call button on the table, which can be pressed to call the waiter when needed. She then mentions that after the ordering is done, people can watch any movie or TV series on the smart TV, which provides access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming platforms.

Pricing and Other Details

Tata Indica Converted Into A Lounge: India’s First Ever Car Cafe (Video)

The presenter then talks about the pricing and booking details about these Maple Pods. She states that those interested can visit the Maple Pods website and select their desired location and book a slot for 1-3 hours depending upon the package and availability of the pod. The pricing of these plans starts from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000, also depending upon the plan selected.

The presenter states that she booked the pod for Rs 2,800 and received Rs 1,200 worth of food coupons to order food from the cafe in which the pod is located. The presenter mentions that the only things which she didn’t like were that the table did not slide all the way to the back, and the streaming platforms were logged in. She also added that as the air conditioner was right in front, they had to turn it on and off multiple times.