Maruti 800 rescued from the scrapyard & rebuilt into a pick up truck

Maruti 800 is a very important hatchback in India’s automotive history. It was one of the most modern looking car in the country at that time and boxy design of the car was retained all these years. Maruti discontinued 800 with the arrival of Alto in the market but, even today, there are some well maintained examples of Maruti 800 in India. We have also seen several modified examples of 800 in the past on our website and here we have one such video where a rusting old Maruti 800 is modified into a pickup truck or a mini Gypsy.

The video has been uploaded by Zingkhai Kust on their YouTube channel. The video shows how this Maruti 800 was actually modified. When the car arrived at the garage, it was missing bumper, tyre and many other parts. The car was completely taken down leaving just the body. In order to get the Gypsy look, the roof after B-pillar was chopped off. Maruti 800 was sold in the market as a 4-door hathback and Gypsy was a 2-door SUV. In order to justify the look. The rear dooe was sealed off and even the rear was redesigned.

A metal bar was attached to the B-pillar to give the body a support and some rigidity. The suspension has been redone and it now sits a lot more higher than a standard Maruti 800. Video does not share what was done exactly to the suspension. The front bumper was missing when it arrived at the garage. They removed the rear bumper too and made a custom metal bumper which is similar to what is seen on many SUV.

The bumper gets an aftermarket LED light and Maruti 800’s standard headlights were replaced with round units. The hood gets a custom made faux scoop to give it an SUV look. The front grille is the same that was already there on the car. A pair of auxiliary lamps have also been installed on the griller. Coming to the side profile, the steel rims on the car were replaced with aftermarket alloy wheels. The vlogger has also modified the wheel arches to give it a SUV-like look.

Maruti 800 rescued from the scrapyard & rebuilt into a pick up truck

The rear portion which has now been converted into a loading bay gets stainless steel metal sheets installed on the sides. The side of the car has also been fabricated and gets couple of air vents too. The rear gets a spare wheel like Maruti Gypsy and the tail lights are from a Gypsy too. The driver cabin and the loading bay has a partition in between and the bay itself has been covered with canvas. On the inside, the seats are customised and it now comes with bucket seats with custom seat covers. The dashboard remains more or less the same as stock.

There is nothing mentioned about the engine of the car and we guess that no changes have been made to it but, it does get an aftermarket air filter with a custom made airbox. As per the video, it took vlogger almost 3 yrears to finish this modification. The final product does look like an SUV from some angles but, it does not look like a Gypsy at all. It is not the best modified or conversion job on Maruti 800 but, considering the fact that, he had limited resources, vlogger did a good job.