Meet the Maruti 800 that wants to be a Honda 660 & a Lamborghini at the same time [Video]

Before Alto 800 came to the market, the most affordable car one could buy in the country was the Maruti 800. Just like the WagonR, it was famous among families and there are still people who own it and have kept it in great condition. Another trend that we have seen in the market of late is that of people modifying this small hatchback in a big way. Here we have a video that shows how a Maruti 800 hatchback has been converted to look like a convertible sports car, a mix of Honda 660 and Lamborghini if you will.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on his youtube channel. He has uploaded similar modification videos of Maruti 800 in the past. In this video he basically shows how the conversion process of Maruti 800 and later explains the mods done to it. Modifications on this Maruti 800 start by chopping off the roof to give it a convertible type look. After removing the roof, the rear of the car heavily modified using metal sheets. The workshop has tried their best to give it a sports car look from the rear with twin exhaust pipes popping out and air vents on both sides of the bumper.

The boot of the car gets a Lamborghini Gallardo-like design. The side profile of the car was also reworked and gets air scoops and muscular body lines resembling a sports car. The front of the car as also gets heavy metal sheets and metal bumpers that fit exactly like stock bumpers. The stock headlamps are replaced with twin projector type units with LED DRL rings around it.

Meet the Maruti 800 that wants to be a Honda 660 & a Lamborghini at the same time [Video]

The interior on this Maruti 800 was also completely removed before modification. The dashboard is repainted ans now gets dual tone finish to it. As major part at the rear is now taken up by the boot, the car can only seat two adults and two children at the rear. Other changes like a new seat covers, door pads, a huge metal spoiler are also installed in the car. No modification is done to the engine. According to the video, approximate cost of modifying this Maruti 800 is around Rs 1.25 lakh. Although it is not one of the finest looking replicas that we have seen, the workshop has done a good job considering the fact that they had limited resources, and have literally worked out of a backyard.