This mini Jeep is actually a Maruti 800 in disguise [video]

Jeeps have a cult following in our country. Even vehicle in the SUV category sell like hot cakes and cars such as the Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Seltos, Toyota Fortuner are some of the best examples of hot sellers in this category. Modifications on such vehicles are also quite common in India and Mahindra Thar is one such vehicle that commonly commonly Indians relate a jeep with. However for a change, here we have a video that shows a Maruti 800 hatchback that has been modified to look like a mini jeep.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on his youtube channel. He has modified many Maruti 800s in the past and we have covered most of them on our website. What makes this one special though is that it actually looks like a proper mini jeep. Whole car has been redesigned and the front gets a fabricated metal front grille with vertical slats and round headlights on both ends.

The fender flares are all made from the bonnet of the Maruti 800 itself and it gets a sober looking metal bumper at the front as well. The ground clearance of the car has increased and the wheel arches gets black metal cladding that are specially fabricated for this purpose. It run on 14 inch blacked out steel rims and tyres and the side body gets a working snorkel and faux exhaust. There is a metal foot board and the car can now seat 2 people in comfort.

This mini Jeep is actually a Maruti 800 in disguise

The windshield is fold-able and the B pillar gets four auxiliary lamps on top. The area behind the seat has been covered using a parcel tray because that is were the LPG cylinder is kept. The dashboard on this Maruti Jeep remains the same as 800 but get a dual tone finish to it. The gear knob is also different from the stock version.

The rear portion of the mini jeep has also been modified and a rear mounted 14 inch wheel along with a jack can be seen here. The tail lamps remain stock with little bit of masking at places. The Overall cost of this modification including the car according to the video is Rs 1,10,000 and the work looks pretty good for a car that was built in a local garage with limited resources.