Maruti 800 modified into a limousine is actually an ambulance [Video]

In a remarkable transformation, the humble Maruti Suzuki 800, once a popular budget-friendly car, has found a new purpose as an ambulance. This inspiring conversion exemplifies the ingenuity and adaptability of a vehicle that was once synonymous with affordable commuting. In an astonishing turn of events, this particular Maruti Suzuki 800 has been meticulously modified into an extended vehicle, resembling a limousine at first glance, but revealing itself as a vital ambulance for those in need.

The video showcasing the incredible conversion of the Maruti Suzuki 800 into a limousine ambulance has been shared on the YouTube channel of Magneto 11. The presenter received the conversion footage from Jaipur Jeep Lovers, and describes the process of transforming the car by cutting it in the middle and adding a center section. This modification has increased the car’s length from approximately 3 meters to around 5 meters.

Maruti 800 modified into a limousine is actually an ambulance [Video]
Modified Maruti 800

Furthermore, the presenter shares images of the car during the modification process. It becomes evident that an extension was created using steel sheets and tube frames. Through careful welding and meticulous bodywork, the car was transformed into its current form. The vehicle received an eye-catching shade of blue for its exterior, complemented by a fully customized interior.

The interior of the car has been upholstered in the same blue color as the exterior. The video showcases a stretcher on the left side of the rear, accompanied by two custom seats on the right side. The left door has been sealed, leaving only the right rear door and tailgate accessible. The front of the car reveals aftermarket circular headlights replacing the stock ones.

The presenter mentions that the car originated from Punjab and will be utilized by organizations dedicated to social welfare. Notably, no changes have been made to the car’s drivetrain, retaining the original 800 cc naturally aspirated Maruti Suzuki engine, generating approximately 37 bhp and 59 Nm of torque.

Maruti 800 – An Indian Icon

Maruti 800 modified into a limousine is actually an ambulance [Video]

Maruti 800, also known as the “People’s Car,” was a revolutionary vehicle that had a significant impact on the Indian auto industry. Introduced by Maruti Suzuki in 1983, it was the first affordable and mass-produced car in India. The Maruti 800 quickly gained popularity and became synonymous with middle-class mobility. The Maruti 800’s impact on the Indian auto industry was multi-fold.

Firstly, it transformed the perception of car ownership in India. Prior to its launch, owning a car was considered a luxury reserved for the affluent. The Maruti 800 changed that notion by offering a reasonably priced car that was within reach for many middle-class families. It paved the way for a new car culture in the country, making car ownership a more accessible dream for millions.

Secondly, the Maruti 800 played a crucial role in the growth and expansion of Maruti Suzuki as a dominant player in the Indian automobile market. It established Maruti Suzuki as a trusted and reliable brand that catered to the needs of the masses. The success of the Maruti 800 propelled the company’s market share and laid the foundation for its future models, contributing significantly to its market leadership position in India.

Furthermore, the Maruti 800 had a ripple effect on the entire automotive ecosystem in the country. It created opportunities for job growth, both directly and indirectly, in manufacturing, sales, service, and related industries. It also stimulated the growth of the auto component industry, as local suppliers were required to meet the increasing demand for parts and accessories.

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