Maruti 800 modified to look like a Lamborghini convertible supercar

Modification of cars in India is banned and is illegal. Still, there are many who modify their vehicles as per their will. Old, discontinued cars like Maruti Suzuki 800 remains one of the most popular choices of modification garages. Here is one such Maruti Suzuki 800 that gets a modification job inspired by a Lamborghini.

The modification job done by Magneto11 shows the transformation of a Maruti Suzuki 800 into a completely different two-seater car. This is one of many different body styles the garage has applied on a Maruti Suzuki 800. They have also modified the 800 to look like a Gypsy.

The modified Maruti Suzuki 800 is now an open-roof vehicle. The modders have chopped off the roof of the hatchback. They also chop the pillars. The external body panels are fabricated in-house. The rear of the modified 800 looks very much inspired by a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Maruti 800 modified to look like a Lamborghini convertible supercar

The rear gets a sporty look with twin exhausts and a diffuser. They have installed custom-made tail lamps. The Lamborghini performance cars are mid-engined. This means the engine is installed between the front and rear axles.

The modders have not changed the location of the engine. Instead, they have modified the boot of the Maruti Suzuki 800 to look like the engine bay. The engine remains in the front of the car. The modified bumper sits neatly in the existing hooks. The headlamps are modified too. There are projector headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lamps.

To save the new body from rusting, they coat the body with red oxide paint too. Then the primer and the paint is applied to the vehicle. Finished in a Lime Yellow shade, it sure pops out in the sunlight. To complete the look, there is even a spoiler in the rear.

Maruti 800 modified to look like a Lamborghini convertible supercar

Modifications are illegal in India

No, such structural changes are not legal in India. The supreme court of India and the Motor Vehicle Act bans any such modifications to operate on public roads. Such vehicles can be project cars for many and one can use them on private properties like a racing track or at a farmhouse. However, the police may seize it from the public roads.

In India modification is not allowed and even aftermarket accessories like the bullbar and other structural changes are banned too. In fact, tyres that are too big for a vehicle are banned too. Such vehicles sure do attract a lot of attention on the roads but since they are made at local garages without proper welding equipment, they can be dangerous.

If a vehicle disintegrates while going on a road, it can become a cause of a serious accident. The police of different states set up check-points to keep an eye on such modifications and also issue challans.

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