Maruti 800 modified to look like a hybrid of the Honda 660 & Lamborghini

Maruti is known to make cars which suit the budget of the middle-class Indian. Before Alto 800 became one of the most affordable but durable cars, Maruti 800 was taking the lead. It is shocking to still see families that have kept the Maruti 800 up and running even with their upgraded cars. There is also this new market that is evolving, which caters to the need of reviving these classic old hatchbacks. Let’s look at one such video where a Maruti 800 is modified to look like a sports car and hybrid version of the Honda 660 and a Lamborghini.

The video is uploaded on the YouTube channel called MAGNETO 11. They are quite famous for uploading out of the world videos of modified cars, especially of Maruti 800. The video is made to describe the complete process of these modifications and describes things that one could easily miss in the larger picture of drooling on this modified Maruti 800. What takes most of your attention is the fact that they went all out and chopped off the roof of the car to make it into a convertible. Coming to the rear of the car, it has been replaced by metal sheets and looks completely different from the original Maruti 800. The car also gets twin exhaust pipes popping out from beneath the car and air vents on both sides of the bumper to give it a sportier look.

Towards the boot of the car, the modifier has tried to replicate the design of the boot of a Lamborghini Gallardo. Just like any other sports car, the sides of this Maruti 800 gets air scoops and added cladding to make it look muscular. These are faux air scoops that are positioned just to make the vehicle look sportier than before. The front of the car gets the exact metal sheet treatment like the bumper of the car. It also comes with projector types LED DRL rings around it instead of the stock headlamps.

Maruti 800 modified to look like a hybrid of the Honda 660 & Lamborghini

For the interiors of the car, the original interiors were completely ripped off. The dashboard gets a dual-tone paint job. Major space has been taking away from the rear seats to give boot space, therefore making this a two-seater car and maybe two little children in the rear seats. There are also other standard modification changes, such as door pads, seat covers and a huge metal spoiler. The original engine has been retained. Even though the modification has cost the owner somewhere around INR 1.25 lakhs, we say it’s a job well done considering limited resources and the fact that it was made practically out of a backyard.

It should be noted that such modifications are illegal in India and the cops can seize the vehicle according to the law. Changing the while body of the vehicle and make it look different needs major alterations and that is not allowed as per the law. However, such projects can be made but should be kept away from the public roads.