Maruti 800 modified to look like a Lamborghini convertible supercar


Maruti Suzuki India Limited has the highest market share in India. This is because it is one of the most trusted manufacturers and its main focus has been the budget cars for the middle-class families of India. The Maruti 800 is the most well-known car name in our country and there is a high possibility that most of the families have owned it. It is not surprising that there are still some examples of the Maruti 800 that are well maintained are still running to this date.

Here, is a Maruti 800 that has been transformed to look like a Lamborghini. The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on their YouTube channel. The channel is known to modify Maruti 80o so that they look sporty and distinctive on the road. So many modifications are done to the vehicle that it is almost impossible to tell that the vehicle is a Maruti 800 underneath.

The first thing that will grab your attention is that the vehicle looks like a convertible because the roof has been chopped off. The video shows us the process of modifying this vehicle. Chopping the roof and pillars is the first thing that the modifiers do. Then the whole exterior of the vehicle is fabricated to look like a Lamborghini. At the rear, we can see a Lamborghini Gallardo inspired look. The exhausts have been repositioned to end in the middle of the rear section. There are two exhausts and a rear diffuser just beneath it. The tail lamp is section is custom made just like the mesh grille that sits right below it.

The boot of the Maruti 800 has been modified to look like the engine bay of the Lamborghinis. You can open the piece that mimics the engine bay to access the boot space of the vehicle. Then the front of the vehicle is worked upon. Metal sheets are welded onto the bonnet to modify it and look more sporty. The modified bumper is made in such a way that it fits in the same place where the stock bumper sits. This has been done so that the mechanics can work on the engine in case the vehicle requires any part change or service. The headlights that the modified is using is a projector setup that comes with an LED Daytime Running Light around it. The wheel arches are also modified and now they are now wider than before.

Then the vehicle is painted with red oxide so that it does not rust easily. Then the rest of the painting process such as primer and base coat is done. The vehicle is finished in Lime Yellow colour which pops out in sunlight. There is even a spoiler fitted on to the rear.

Most of the interior is the same as the original Maruti 800. However, the colour scheme and upholstery has been changed. The dashboard is now white and black while the seats are finished in tan brown colour. The rear seats have been removed so now it is a two-seater vehicle. The door pads have been wrapped in fabric. The cost of modifying the vehicle was Rs. 1.25 lakhs and it took 1 month to modify the stock vehicle.

It is important to note that vehicle modifications are illegal in India. Due to this, the traffic police can seize your vehicle if you are driving it on the road. So, such products should not be driven on the road.