Maruti 800 as a rear-engined hot hatchback: What it’ll look like

Maruti 800 is the first car for many families of India. One of the reasons for the 800 to be more affordable than the rest of the cars available at that time was that it was India’s first front-wheel-drive car which changed the market forever. Till now we mostly get front-wheel-drive cars only. The small hatchback went into production first in 1983 and was discontinued in 2014. The vehicle that replaced it was the Alto which still available in the market. The 800 is such an iconic hatchback that you would still be able to find some that are kept in very good condition. Well, here is a reimagined version of Maruti 800 that now has a rear engine.

The render has been done by Zephyr Designz for his YouTube channel. The video is not so long and has a cinematic 3d animation of the render concept that the artist has done. The artist calls it Maruti Suzuki 800 Overkiller.

The video starts by showing the rear profile of the 800 Overkiller. We can see a huge rear wing mounted on the top of boot lid. There are also multiple slats on the rear window to maximise the downforce. Then there is the actual body panel on which we can see the LED tail lamps that have been blacked-out. There is also the old school “Maruti Suzuki” and “800 AC” badging.

Then there are two fans mounted that suck in air to cool down the engine and the radiator is also placed behind these fans. Yes, the engine in this concept is placed behind the driver. The artist says that it is a flat V12 engine based on the 917 Porsche. There are also twin pipes coming straight from the engine, working as exhausts. The exhaust pipes get support via metal tubes that are suspended from the frame.

At the side profile, you still get a lockable fuel lid, just like did on the original 800. Then there are the alloy wheels which are blacked-out and come with 6-spokes. The calipers are sourced from Brembo which are one of the best in segment. They are also finished in red to make a sporty look.

There are rear disc brakes because with all that power, you are going to feed more stopping power. The tyres are sourced from Toyo and are Proxes. The wheel arches are also quite big and squared off just like we have seen on old rally cars.

At the front, the headlamps have been given a smoked effect with black bumpers. In fact, the whole car is finished in matte black colour scheme. The grille is simple with two slats going through the Maruti Suzuki logo.

There vehicle still has 4 doors but as we can see that at the rear there is a roll bar placed which will protect the occupants in case the vehicle rolls over and lands upside down. The roll bars are designed to take on all the weight of the vehicle.

At last, we come to the interior where we can see a three-spoke steering wheel instead of the stock steering wheel. The rest of the cabin stays in stock shape.