Maruti 800 SS80 modified to look like a Volkswagen Golf Mark 1

Maruti SS80 or the first Maruti 800 that we got in India was a car that started small car trend in the Indian market. Just like Ambassador, the Maruti 800 also played a very crucial role in Indian Automotive history. The reason why SS80 became popular among buyers was because of its design. When compared to other cars that were available in India during that time, the SS80 looked fresh and modern. Maruti later made changes to the car and launched the Maruti 800 which ruled the Indian market for decades. Maruti finally discontinued the 800 from production in 2014. Even today, there are few examples of well-kept Maruti 800s from different part of the country. Here we have a Maruti 800 SS80 that has been modified to look like Volkswagen Golf Mk1.


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The images have been shared by rins658 on his Instagram profile. The profile has several images and videos of this modified Maruti SS80 hatchback. The owner of this car has attempted to modify the car in such a manner that it looks like a Volkswagen Golf. Volkswagen Golf was and is still a very popular hatchback in the international market. There are several reasons why SS80 or Maruti 800 is a suitable car for this modification. The first reason is its design. The car has a boxy design and that is very close to the mark 1 Volkswagen Golf.

This is one of the main reason why many people opt Maruti 800 for this modification. Talking about the modifications on this hatchback, the owner has completely changed the front look of the car. The stock grille, headlamps and bumper have been removed. The car now gets a custom-made front grille that runs across the width of the car. There is a red outline on the front grille. The headlamp is kept as a part of the grille and there is even a GTi badge on the front grille.

Maruti 800 SS80 modified to look like a Volkswagen Golf Mark 1

Coming to the bumper, the stock bumper has been completely replaced with a custom-made unit. This looks like a panel made out of metal. The bonnet on this hatchback remains stock and the character lines have all been retained. Coming to the side profile, we see more changes. The fender on this hatchback has been slightly modified and it now comes with slightly flared wheel arches. Originally Maruti used to offer steel rims with the car. This has been replaced with an aftermarket deep dish alloy wheel. The alloy wheels are wider than the stock version and they stick out of the vehicle.

Other than this, not many changes are done to the exterior of the car. The hatchback still gets the same old design from the rear and even the stock tail lamps have been retained. The interior of this hatchback has been redone. The door pads are all wrapped in brown coloured leatherette material. The seats are also reupholstered and get a similar shade. This is not the first Maruti SS80 modification that we have featured on our website. It definitely looks different however it is not the best.