India’s first Maruti 800 to Hummer mod is ugly, but well, each to his own! [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki 800 and the Hummer are two names that are poles apart in the automotive industry. One is among the smallest, cheapest and most frugal hatchbacks around the world which became the first easy to own car in India. The second is a big brute of a vehicle made for those who consider regular SUVs as meh. However, what happens when a Maruti Suzuki 800 is converted into a Hummer. The result is a totally wild and wacky car that’ll make people wonder what this contraption is. This video by MAGNETO 11 showcases how the regular Maruti 800 has been modified to look like a Hummer. Take a look at the video before we get into the details of this mod job.

This mod job is done by the same guys who have in past converted the Maruti 800 into various forms like open top, sports car, SUV among others. This one though is among the wildest of their creations. The whole car has been redesigned and the majority of the body panels have been fabricated new. The car is made to be a miniature Hummer model. While we can give full marks for the effort, there’s no denying the fact that the final product looks far from a Hummer. Let’s now know about all what has gone into making this Maruti 800 into Hummer pretender.

India’s first Maruti 800 to Hummer mod is ugly, but well, each to his own!  [Video]

Starting from the front, the stock bumper has given way to a squared off-road spec unit painted in black. It gets topped by a silver grille whhich in turn is flanked by LED projector headlamps. A LED light bar has been fitted neatly beneath the front grille which is then followed by two silver two hooks attached to the bumper. Adding to the Hummer look is a silver bash plate which has more aesthetic purpose rather than any practical usage. The bonnet has been sculpted in typical SUV like design and gets a big ‘HUMMER’ written on it in black. The Maruti-Hummer here has been draped in a mix of red-silver and black paint scheme which seems to be apt for the modification theme.

The sides feature squared wheel arches that have been fabricated to match the design found on the original Hummer SUV. The door is a steel mesh unit fitted inside a light frame. Another interesting part of this modification is the 180/85D 12 tires used on it. They resemble small tractor tires and fit the bill perfectly for this kind of modification. The ORVMs are custom squared units finished in silver and are quite big in size, inspired by the ones found on the Hummer. Another LED light bar has been added on top of a metal frame that starts from behind the seats. The rear end also sports a lot of changes and gets a new bumper, new tail lights and indicators, and a silver rear step.

India’s first Maruti 800 to Hummer mod is ugly, but well, each to his own!  [Video]

The interiors have been given a slight revamp too with the dashboard getting silver paint finish. The seats have been covered with new covers and the rear bench has been removed to create a flatbed area. The car now has quite an interesting amount of ground clearance, 205 mm to be exact. This is actually more than what some compact SUVs offer. The exhaust has been replaced with an aftermarket unit and the exhaust note is quite throaty, matching the mod theme. The total cost for this mod job is around Rs. 1.5 to 1.8 lakhs but the end result is truly unique and one of its kind in India.