Maruti Alto 800 wades through flooded road like a boss: Should you do it? [Video]

Many parts of India has been experiencing heavy rainfall and many low lying areas have already flooded. There are reports of rivers overflowing and water entering the roads as well. Accidents due to floods have also been reported in many parts. In such situations driving a car or riding a two-wheeler is risky but, if there are times that people have no other choice but to drive through flooded roads. Here we have one such video where a Maruti Alto 800 hatchback is seen wading through a flooded road like a boss.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. Maruti Alto is a small family hatchback and it is not a car that one would choose for off-roading and driving through rough terrains. One of the subscribers had shared this video from Maharashtra. Many low lying parts of Maharashtra are flooded due to heavy rains and this is a phenomenon that has been occurring for the last few years.

The YouTuber mentions that the driver did not wanted to reveal his identity. In this video, a flooded road is seen. A motorcycle rider can be seen pushing his bike through the water. It looks like the motorcycle might have stalled after it entered the water. The water level is quite evident in the video. Almost half of the motorcycle is submerged in water. Just behind the motorcycle is a Maruti Alto 800. The car is seen moving through the water making huge waves. It looks like the person driving the car is a local and is familiar with the road. He drove the car through the water and ever drove over a speed breaker which was now under water.

Maruti Alto 800 wades through flooded road like a boss: Should you do it? [Video]

The water level is so high on road that the front grille of Maruti Alto is under water. The car is moving through the water without any problems. The driver is seen maintaining a constant speed and he finally makes it to the other side of the road without any issues. Alto did a good job in wading the water. This is a stuff that people normally do with their SUVs. Maruti Alto driver seemed to be quite experienced and aware of the road conditions. If you notice the video, the whole stretch of road is filled with water. Maruti Alto 800 crossed the stretch without any problem but does that mean everyone should do it? The answer is No.

Most modern cars are have sensors in them. When you drive through water above a certain level, the sensors get triggered and they shut the car down as a precautionary measure. Another issue that one can face while driving through water is water entering the engine. If the water level is closer to the air intake of your car, there are chances that water might enter the engine. In this case also, the engine would get hydro locked and shut down. Getting it repaired would be a time consuming and expensive affair. If your car gets stalled in water, never try to restart it. Push the car out of water and get it checked from a workshop before driving it. In such conditions, it is always a good idea to take a diversion rather than driving through water. Like the Maruti Alto driver not everyone would be lucky.