Maruti Alto carrying a shipping container is the wildest thing you’ll see today [Video]

The Maruti Alto is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the Indian market. It has been the entry-level model from Maruti Suzuki in India ever since the discontinuation of the Maruti 800. Earlier this year, Maruti also discontinued the Alto 800 due to RDE norms. However, the Alto continues to be a very popular hatchback among buyers, and we have seen several modified versions of it in the past. It is especially favored by taxi drivers in the mountain regions of the country. In a video uploaded by automobile.memes on their Instagram page, we can see a Maruti Alto carrying a shipping container on the roof.


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In the video, an older generation Maruti Alto car is being driven on a road. What is surprising is that it is carrying a load on the roof, namely a metal container commonly used by shipping companies. As seen in the video, the shipping container is securely fastened on top of the Maruti Alto hatchback, and the car is maintaining a constant speed in the leftmost lane of the road.

A bike can be seen behind the Maruti Alto, likely serving as an escort vehicle to ensure that no other vehicle collides with the car. The container shown in the video is enormous, appearing taller and wider than the Alto itself. It is so heavy that the car’s suspension is fully compressed, and the car seems to be tilting towards the left, although this could also be due to the road conditions.

Maruti Alto carrying a shipping container is the wildest thing you’ll see today [Video]
Alto carrying container

The video has already gone viral on the internet. The post has a caption that says, “You can argue, but there’s no match with Lord Alto.” The comment section of the video is filled with humorous remarks. One user commented, “Alto be like, Don’t judge my self-esteem.” Another set of comments pointed out that this was a daring stunt the Alto driver was attempting, as it is easier for the car to flip on a sharp turn due to its higher center of gravity.

If you observe closely, the Maruti Alto seen in the video appears to be used at a workshop or a job site for tasks like these. The color of the bonnet differs from that of the pillars, and the bumper of the hatchback is painted yellow. The registration numbers of both the Maruti Alto and the Royal Enfield following the car are not clear, making it difficult to confirm the exact location. However, it does resemble somewhere in North India.

As mentioned by one Instagram user, using a car for such jobs is actually quite risky. The driver in the video is maintaining a very low speed; nevertheless, it is not a safe practice. There are trucks and trailers available in the market for transporting such containers, which would be a more suitable option. We don’t recommend anyone to do such stunts on public roads as it can easily wrong anytime.