The Maruti Suzuki Alto is perhaps the most common car on our roads. The entry-level hatchback among the top-selling cars even after more than two decades of its first introduction in India. Among the various things it is known for, first and foremost comes the affordability and value for money factors, which are its chief USP. Then there are some owners who are classified as aspirational owners. They may not be able to procure the car of their dreams, but they work towards achieving them with what all they have. The video below by Born To Ride brings to us similar owner and his modified Maruti Suzuki Alto K10.

What is unique about this Alto K10 is that the modifications done on it cost more than the ex-showroom price of the base Alto K10 itself. According to the owner of the Alto, the total modifications done on this cars total to around Rs. 4 lakhs. To let you know, the base LX variant of the Alto K10 retails for 3.65 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) while the LXi and VXi variants cost Rs. 3.82 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) and Rs. 3.99 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively. However, we give this to the owner that his Alto K10 really looks the part and will turn heads wherever it goes. Let’s now take a look at what all has been done on this car which makes it so expensive.

Alto K10 Mod R

The most striking modification on this Alto K10 is its scissor doors. The front doors of the car now point towards the sky when opened and that instantly takes its coolness quotient to the next level. According to the owner, the cost of converting his doors into scissor units costed him around Rs. 70,000.

Alto K10 Mod

Then comes the red chrome wrap job, which again acts as an attention magnet. The gorgeous tires and rims deserve the next mention and they came for around Rs. 70,000 according to the owner. The 15-inch rims on this Alto come shod on with low profile tires and are quite cool to look at. This Alto has been fitted with a full-fledged HKS exhaust system which for which the owner shelled out around Rs. 60,000. They sound quite amazing and steal the show at gunpoint wherever the car goes.

Alto K10 Mod 2

The front end now sports a custom bumper lip which has been blacked out. The headlights too have been blacked out and the owner has fitted several coloured LEDs on the headlights as well as the foglamps. An LED light bar has also been installed beneath the front grille. The sides feature lowrider body kit inspired black side skirts along with black fender cladding above all four wheels.

Alto K10 Mod 3

The rear end gets an LED boot strip and blacked out tail lamps with aftermarket LED lights. A big black spoiler dons the rooftop adding some more visual drama to this already dramatic looking car. As mind-blowing it might look on the outside, the interiors too have been treated well on this Alto. The seats have been draped in black leather overalls while the front seats are Sparco bucket units. A full-fledged music system is also present in the car for which the owner has to shell around Rs. 1.3 lakh to 1.4 lakh. A lot of money has been put on this car and the end result is totally worth it. Those doors though, definitely are show stoppers.