Maruti Alto transformed into a beast [Video]

One of the humblest cars in India, the Maruti Suzuki Alto has always remained one of the top picks of budget-oriented car buyers. It is the simplicity of the mechanicals of the Alto which has attracted many car modification houses to customize it as per their tastes and preferences. One such car modifier tried to make his version of a unique car using the Maruti Suzuki Alto as a base.

In a YouTube video uploaded by the channel of Vikas Chaudhary Vlogs, we can see this modified Alto in all its glory. However, even at the first glimpse, this modified car looks nothing like an Alto. The exterior design of this modified Alto looks very alien with its loud and never-seen-before kind of styling. All the original body panels of the Alto are replaced here with custom-made body panels. The list of the panels changed includes a slanted bonnet, scooped housings for projector headlamps and rounded tail lamps, flared front wheel arches, custom grille and bumper.

Gets scissor doors

Maruti Alto transformed into a beast [Video]

The other design highlights of this custom-made two-door modified Alto are Lamborghini-like scissor doors that open upwards, a sloping roofline with a tapered rear end, a boot-mounted wing and a fuel tank cap at the back of the boot. Since the car is heavily modified with a two-door look and sloping roofline, it misses out on rear window panels and windshield. As a part of the modifications, it doesn’t get a boot compartment as well.

While this modified Alto now gets a unique two-door look and standout design on the outside, the car remains a five-seater vehicle, with its dashboard lifted from the original Alto. This car gets an aftermarket steering wheel, centrally-placed touchscreen infotainment system, red accents on the centre console, AC vents surround, glove box, floor mats, power window switches and seats.

While the presenter of the video, who also was the brain behind this customization job, didn’t reveal many details about the changes to the engine (if any), it is expected that this car retains the 0.8-litre three-cylinder engine of the Maruti Suzuki Alto. However, since the car sounds a bit different and louder, it looks like the vehicle has received an aftermarket exhaust system.

This example of a heavily customized Maruti Suzuki Alto might look unique and cool from a distance, but move closer, and you will find several rough edges between body panels. Also, such types of modifications are illegal to carry out, since they do change the originality of the vehicle completely.

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