Maruti announces good discounts of Rs. 25,000 on A-Star, Rs 14,000 on Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki has kicked off the festival season with discounts that combine cash backs and goodies on some of its cars. The cash discounts range between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 25,000.

The discounts and goodies make A-Star automatic a great deal—it was always a good deal. And considering that so many Alto and Wagon R are bought every month, discounts on their lower-end models are always good news.

Biggest discounts on A-Star, Estillo

Estilo and A-Star get the best deal with cash discount of Rs. 25,000. Maruti has topped the cash discount with music system for Estilo buyers and genuine accessories worth Rs. 5,000 for A-Star buyers.

The deal makes A-Star a pretty attractive buy. The base version (Rs. 3.6 lakh) would now cost just Rs. 3.35 lakh—pretty much in the Wagon R lower-end price range. And the top-end automatic will cost Rs. 4.12 lakh instead of the current Rs. 4.37 lakh. That’s a good Rs. 1.8 lakh cheaper than competing i10 auto from Hyundai. So if you are on the market for an automatic hatchback, now would be a good time to get one.

Maruti announces good discounts of Rs. 25,000 on A-Star, Rs 14,000 on Wagon R

Discounts on SX4 don’t match up to Honda City

Petrol models of SX4 too get a generous cash discount of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 5,000 worth of genuine Maruti accessories. While any discount is welcome, with the aggressively priced Sunny, Maruti might need to do more to make SX4 an attractive buy. Besides, we have news that Honda City is offering good discounts.

Wagon R at Rs 3.21 lakh, with music system

Two of Maruti best-sellers, Alto and Wagon R, too get cash discounts of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 14,000, respectively. The discounts are on lower-end Lx and Lxi models and have been topped with a music system. That means that Wagon R Lx can be yours for around Rs. 3.21 lakh with a music system thrown in. A pretty sweet deal considering that Alto K10 Vxi costs Rs 3.17 lakh.

Finally, there is a ‘token’ discount of Rs. 5,000 on petrol models of Ritz and lower-end models get a music system too. Considering Ritz is relatively expensive car, with the base version starting at Rs. 4 lakh-plus, we are not sure if the discount really adds up to much.

Now that Maruti has thrown the dice, can Hyundai be far behind! Watch this space for more deals as the festive season kicks off.