Maruti Baleno owner fits car with spiked mats to deal with street dogs

Many people get irritated when they see a canine resting on the roof of their cars. Recently, a man from Mumbai came up with an idea, which can stop the dogs from climbing on the roof and bonnet of his Maruti Baleno hatchback. However, we think that this idea is actually dangerous as it could injure dogs trying to climb onto cars. Not a good idea at all!

Maruti Baleno owner fits car with spiked mats to deal with street dogs

The man owns a Maruti Suzuki Baleno and was concerned about the litter and scratch marks left by the four-legged animals on the roof and bonnet of his car. To make his car unappealing to dogs, the man came up with a ‘desi jugaad’. The man covered the entire roof panel and bonnet of the car with rubber mats, which come with spikes over them. These rubber mats are tied to the front and rear bumpers and around the outside rearview mirrors.

The man said that he was irritated by the scratch marks made by dogs from their paws on the bonnet and roof panel of the car while climbing or resting on them. While we can empathize with him, going to the extent of injuring dogs to save his car is not a good idea. If anything, the man has to find a covered parking space to ensure that dogs don’t get on top of his Maruti Baleno.

Maruti Baleno owner fits car with spiked mats to deal with street dogs

There are other ways

If you are offended or not impressed with this idea of using rubber mats with spikes to keep the dog away from the vehicle, there are a few other simpler ideas that you can try out. You can either use repellant like alcohol-based spray or vinegar, car covers or a security alarm with a high-pitch sound, all of which are decent enough to keep the dogs away from the cars.

With climate change becoming extreme, it is important to provide shelter to stray animals. If you do not want them on your cars, it is a good idea to build some makeshift places for the street dogs. Also, the best way to prevent dog-car conflict is to park your car in a covered parking space. This will ensure that you don’t have to rack your brains and come up with dangerous solutions like the one above. We hope that the man sees sense and removes these spiked mats from his car.

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