Maruti Baleno crashes into rear of VW Jetta: This is the result

A Maruti Baleno hatchback drove straight into a Volkswagen Jetta’s rear, and this happened. This accident happened in Perumbavoor, Kerala, when the Jetta driver had to brake hard to avoid a two wheeler, who’s said to have taken an abrupt u-turn. Not able to stop in time, the Baleno driver drove straight into the Jetta’s rear.


Maruti Baleno Crash

The crash left the Baleno’s front end completely totaled, and both airbags deployed. Nobody was hurt in this accident though, which is a good thing. We don’t know at what speed the car crashed into the Jetta. But since the airbags deployed, it’s likely that the force of impact was high.

Considering that the Baleno was indeed fast, the crumple zone seems to have done its job, absorbing the impact and leaving the passengers of the car unhurt. So, full marks to that feature there. Notably, the Baleno is the only affordable hatchback in India to offer airbags and ABS as standard even on the base trims.

Volkswagen Jetta Crash

Now coming to the Jetta, the car’s rear almost looks scratch less. A testament to Volkswagen tough build? It could be. Also, you’ve got to keep in mind that the Jetta’s rear is quite high, and the bumper is large. Bumpers are designed to deform upon impact, and also regain shape quickly.

These factors could have come together to leave the Jetta almost undamaged in this crash. Now, coming to the crash itself, here are some ways such accidents can be avoided:

  1. Do NOT tail gate, especially at higher speeds. Tail gating means driving too close to the car in front of you. This does not give the driver of the second car to brake in case the first driver brakes hard.
  2. Use the 3 second rule. While driving at higher speeds, say 60 Kph and above, make sure that you cross an electric pole/stationary object 3 seconds after the first car has crossed it. In the wet, extend this time to 5 seconds.
  3. Always stay alert. While in the driver’s seat, anticipating accidents is something that you have do all the time. Not paying attention to the car in front, even on roads with medians means that you won’t be able to stop or evade in time.

Images courtesy SreejithNaduvillpatt