Cars that give their makers the MOST money: Maruti Baleno, Dzire, Brezza & Toyota Innova!

The Indian automotive market is one of the largest in the whole world. Another thing it is known for is its unpredictability, due to which many manufacturers and good cars have flopped due to one reason or the other. Maruti Suzuki has been leading since it came to India and is then followed by Hyundai in terms of sales.

However, when we talk about the profit made from each car, which cars make the most profit for their manufacturers? The answer to that depends on various factors, which includes sales volume, price range, distribution, profit share among others. Below, we have listed the most profit making car according to their respective segment for the year 2018.


Maruti Suzuki Baleno

2019 Maruti Baleno Rs

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno is the best selling premium hatchback in the country. It recently received a facelift which tweaked its appearance and gave a fresh look to the interiors as well. The Baleno is a regular feature in the monthly top 5 selling cars of India. Talking about its revenue, the hatchback raked in about Rs. 9,959 crores for Maruti in 2018. It has the third highest revenue in the whole industry and the fourth highest sales among all cars. In terms of revenue collected in the hatchback category, it was closely followed by another Maruti Suzuki Hatchback, the Swift, which brings in Rs. 9,649 crores for the company.


Maruti Suzuki Dzire

In the sedan segment, we have the Maruti Suzuki Dzire as the highest revenue grossing model. The Dzire comes from the sub-4 meter segment, which is the smallest and most affordable sedan segment in India. Talking about the total revenue it brings, the Dzire raked in around Rs. 13,870 crores for Maruti Suzuki in 2018. It also was the best selling vehicle by sales volume in the auto industry last year, making it the most successful car of 2018. Aso, it’s Rs. 13,870 crore worth of revenue is the highest not only in the sedan segment but the highest revenue in all segments, more than the total revenue of several manufacturers.


Toyota Innova Crysta

The Toyota Innova Crysta was the most expensive MPV on sale here in 2018. This, however, didn’t stop it from becoming the highest revenue grosser in the MPV segment. Another reason for that could be that the market didn’t actually have a proper MPV in any other segment until September when Mahindra launched the Marazzo and then later at the year-end time when the new generation Maruti Suzuki Ertiga was introduced. The total revenue raked in by the Toyota Innova Crysta for the year 2018 is Rs. 7,543 crores, which is quite a sum considering it is an expensive vehicle. In terms of sales, it was the 15th best selling vehicle all over.


Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza


Like the sedan segment where a car from the smallest segment picked up the revenue crown, the SUV category also has the same story. Here, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza picked up the top revenue grosser crown and it belongs to the sub-4 meter SUV segment, which actually should be called CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicles). The Vitara Brezza brought in a total of 10,491 crores of revenue for the company in 2018. Sales wise, it was the fifth best selling vehicle overall and a best seller in its segment.


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