Maruti Baleno turned into an off road BEAST!

Maruti Suzuki’s premium hatchback offering, the Baleno is the best selling vehicle in its segment. The car is all set to receive a facelift soon and get ready to take on the competition in a refreshed avatar. The Baleno also comes in a sportier RS trim which produces 101 Bhp of power from its 1.0 litre engine. The RS variant has become a mod favorite car these days with a lot of examples present on our roads that look quite good.

However, what if we tell you that the Baleno could be modified in such a way so as to shame even the most capable of SUV in off road prowess. Here is one such idea of transforming the simple Baleno into an off road beast which seems ready to tame mountains.

Maruti Baleno turned into an off road BEAST!

The render has been done by CarToq’s rendering expert Vipin Vathoopan and we can’t seem to stop staring. It may look over the top to some and a waste of money and resources to some others, but true enthusiasts would definitely appreciate the mod render and see it in the the way it is meant to be seen. Now coming back to the super off road Baleno in hand, this grey menace looks ready to chew down the wild terrain. One look at those tires and there is no doubt that it could even rivals some of the smaller monster trucks out there.

The car has been given proper off road treatment and now comes with a 4X4 drive with solid axle in front along with live axle at the rear. The suspension setup too is quite a heavy duty one and also features a raise kit, which together create quite an imposing stance for the car. There is no doubt that the Baleno in this look is quite intimidating. There is also a big ass winch placed on the customized front bumper, which can be used to get out of sticky situations and to help tow out other vehicles. The whole front bumper has been removed and a custom off road spec unit now takes it place which houses the winch and the tow hooks.

Maruti Baleno turned into an off road BEAST!

The roof now gets a off road spec LED bar to illuminate the path when off roading in dark. The side mirrors has been replaced with a round unit which will prove more practical off the road. Unlike the Hyundai i20 Elite off road render we brought you some days back, this one does not sport an open cabin. One can enjoy the wild terrain whilst being comfortably seated in the cozy interiors of the Baleno.

Now with all these modifications and heavy duty changes made on the Baleno, one can’t expect the 1.2 litre or 1.3 litre engine to keep up with it. A more powerful engine along with custom tuning for off roading is the perfect solution for this. No doubt those huge wheels will need much more than mere 70-80 Bhp to get rolling properly.

Though Maruti Suzuki may not bring any such thing on our roads anytime soon, it can serve as an inspiration for sure. Also, it would be quite a sight to behold if such a Baleno passes in in front of your eyes. The Baleno hatchback is expected to receive a facelift this month which will give a boost to its already excellent sales.