Maruti Brezza & Baleno sold by Toyota won’t have Toyota badge: Here’s why

It’s fairly well-known that Suzuki Motor Corp and Toyota Motor Corp will be soon supplying some of their vehicles to each other. This will lead to Toyota selling the Maruti Baleno premium hatchback and the Vitara Brezza compact SUV through its own network of dealerships. However, we have learnt that the Toyota-ised versions of the Baleno and the Brezza won’t be sold with a Toyota badge. Instead, the Japanese auto giant will use ‘Toyota Compact’, a new sub-brand, to sell these cars. This is in sync with a report that emerged online late last year.

The new sub-brand will be used for all the compact vehicles that will be launched in emerging markets around the globe. The objective of the new sub-brand is to establish a clear demarcation between traditional Toyota brands and the upcoming high value-for-money options for the developing markets. The Toyota Compact will follow Daihatsu’s approach to producing affordable, high-quality products for emerging car markets. The Toyota Compact will have three divisions: Business Planning, Product Planning and Quality Control. Also, the aforementioned report says that the Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Ltd, would be renamed as Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. It will become a part of the upcoming sub-brand.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Toyota and Maruti Suzuki have signed a partnership to provide each other with cars to fill up the void in their respective product portfolios. Under this arrangement, Maruti will provide Toyota with the Baleno premium hatchback and the Vitara Brezza sub-4-meter compact SUV. Toyota will sell these cars through its dealership network. Moreover, it is likely to make some styling changes to give these cars a unique identity. On the other hand, Maruti will get the Corolla Altis sedan, which it will sell through its dealerships.

There is a good chance that the Corolla Altis will be sold through the NEXA outlets. It may be noted that Maruti Suzuki has been trying to re-invent itself as an upmarket brand through premium offerings like the Baleno and the S-Cross. The Corolla Altis, in all probability, will help the manufacturer further consolidate its position by establishing a foothold in the D-segment of the car market.

Source – Gaadiwaadi