Maruti Brezza to Hyundai Creta: What these SUVs looked like when they were concepts

Maruti Brezza to Hyundai Creta: What these SUVs looked like when they were concepts

The journey from concept to production is one that sees quite a lot of changes happen to a vehicle as engineers as designers fine-tune their designs to make them more palatable to the general public. Everything you see in the final car is a toned and more acceptable version of what was first seen in concept guise.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the journey of four SUVs either currently on sale in India or about to enter the market very soon and the changes that happened to make them into what we see on the road today.

Maruti XA Alpha to Vitara Brezza

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is the most popular SUV in the Indian car market today and records sales of around 15,000 unis every month. The Vitara Brezza’s journey began in 2012 with the XA Alpha Concept. The Maruti XA Alpha concept was viewed by many as the replacement for the venerable Gypsy when it was unveiled at Auto Expo 2012.

It took Maruti four years to bring it into production guise, the XA Alpha lost its painted/stickered headlight unit which seemingly looked like it featured two projector units. The production car received a much more standard looking set of headlights which also sported integrated DRLs in the top-spec variant.

The Vitara Brezza also lost the concept’s small and chunky grille which was replaced by a sleek unit with a horizontal chrome slat running across its length. The C-shaped fog lamps of the concept also made for regular circular units and the blacked out B-Pillar was restored to its full coloured glory as well, removing the illusion of the pillarless windows. Also gone were the chunky wheels, which were replaced by more normal looking units. The L-shaped taillights also made for a more normal setup.

Hyundai ix25 to Creta

The Hyundai Creta is India’s best-selling SUV after the Vitara Brezza. The Creta was first unveiled as the ix25 concept at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. The ix25 showed us a good look at what to expect from the Creta. The final production version of the SUV, which arrived in 2015, featured a few changes to the concept car that made it look more appealing to the Indian audiences.

These included the chrome horizontal slats on the grille (the concept featured blacked out units) and the vertical fog lamps which now took their place on the edges of the front bumper. Speaking of the bumper it no longer featured the chrome inserts in the centre and the black paint job gave it a more stealthy look, though this was offset by the chunky looking plastic surround for the central air dam. At the sides, regular wheels made for the slick looking units on the concept and the B-Pillar was more pronounced and no longer gave the illusion of a pillarless glasshouse.

Tata Nexon Concept to production Nexon

The Tata Nexon was first unveiled in concept guise at Auto Expo 2014 in Delhi. The concept car featured exaggerated curves and looked different from anything else around. It also featured some rather funky looking headlamps. Two years later at Auto Expo 2016, Tata took the covers off the production car to show a compact SUV that had stayed mostly true to its original design.

The changes were small but still noticeable. The exaggerated curves were still there but now looked properly done in proportion to the rest of the body. The front headlamps were now regular units instead of the pinprick like LED units. The front grille too hand changed from the honeycomb mesh to a more regular piece and the wheels had also become more palatable for everyone as well. The interiors too lloked like those on a regular car rather than something from the future.

Tata Nexon Long Term2

Tata H5X to Harrier

Tata’s latest design masterpiece was first unveiled as the H5X concept at Auto Expo 2018 in February, where it immediately caught the eyeballs of shutterbugs who went snap crazy after one look at the large SUV.

The 5-seater SUV hasn’t changed much from its H5X days to its current iteration as the Harrier SUV. Due for launch in January 2019, the Harrier retained most of the H5X’s design cues but Tata Motors made a few subtle changes that still keep the spirit of the concept alive.

These changes include revised headlamps, fog lamps, larger DRLs and more production-spec wheels which look less cool and are smaller in size as well. The interiors too look more normal as well, though the dual display setup up front is still there though it is now more like one and a half thanks to the semi-digital instrument cluster.

Tata Harrier 20

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