Thieves steal all four tyres & wheels from a car parked outside police station

Thieves targetting the wheels of new cars has become quite common across India. Recently, a gang went on a spree to steal alloy wheels of new Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos around Delhi-NCR. Here is one similar theft but it is quite unusual since it happened right outside a police station. Here is what happened.

Thieves steal all four tyres & wheels from a car parked outside police station

Ravindra Bhagchand, a 30-year-old resident of Pune found that the wheels of his Maruti Suzuki Celerio went missing overnight. The car, which was parked only 50 metres away from Chikhali police station overnight was balanced on large stones after the thieves removed all the four wheels.

Relatives of Ravindra Bhagchand arrived at his place and he decided to park his vehicle somewhere else to make space for the relative’s vehicle. He found a spot in front of the Chikhali police station and parked it there. Since such places are considered to be safe, Ravindra did not think much and parked the car there on Tuesday evening.

However, the very next morning, he found out that the wheels of his Celerio disappeared and the vehicle was left hanging on four large stones. The thieves also took away the brake callipers and the front disc brakes of the vehicle.

Police complaint registered

Thieves steal all four tyres & wheels from a car parked outside police station

Ravindra walked to the police station, which is only a few steps away and has filed a complaint. The cops have started the investigation too. The police are currently scanning through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the area. Most of these cameras are installed at nearby shops. The cops say that they have spotted three unmasked robbers who were likely involved in the crime. The police have noticed that these thieves arrived at the spot in a different vehicle and finished carried out the task in just 20 minutes. However, no one noticed it despite the fact that the police station was so near.

The complaint mentions that the market cost of the tyres is Rs 20,000. The police have filed the complaint under section 379(theft) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the unknown suspects.

In his complaint, Pacharne said according to Pune Mirror,

“I visited the Purna Nagar area around 9.30 pm on Tuesday next to the PS as I wanted to provide parking space to my relative. Under the impression that this would be the safest place, I parked my own car there and even carefully checked that it was not a no-parking zone. However, when I returned early the next morning, I was quite heartbroken. All four wheels were hanging and the tyres were missing. Nobody was aware of who had done this, how or why. I immediately called the control room, and it took a while to get through to the cops. Finally, I also went to the local PS nearby to lodge a formal complaint.”

The police have said that they are currently investigating the matter and will work to catch the culprits really soon.