Maruti Ciaz crashes into the rear of a Hyundai Grand i10: This is the result

A car rear-ending another car is very common on the road. Some cars are relatively unaffected by small rear-ending crashes while others are massively damaged. Today, we have a Maruti Ciaz caught on video, rear-ending a Hyundai Grand i10. Here’s the result.

Maruti Ciaz crashes into the rear of a Hyundai Grand i10: This is the result

As the video below indicates, the Hyundai Grand i10 came to a sudden halt as vegetation on the side of the road was being cut. The Maruti Ciaz following the Grand i10 couldn’t stop in time, and went on to hit the Hyundai hatchback. The impact was such that the Grand i10 moved a couple of feet ahead.

However, from the video it seems that the Ciaz wasn’t very fast. It was perhaps doing about 30-40 Kph, before it hit the Grand i10. While both cars drove away after this incident, the Ciaz’s front was badly damaged. The front fender, bumper, bonnet and grille show damage.

Maruti Ciaz crashes into the rear of a Hyundai Grand i10: This is the result

The only damage on the Grand i10 was a bent number plate, which should cost a couple of hundred rupees to fix. Even the rear bumper is intact. The front crumple zone of the Ciaz seems to have done its job, and has deformed significantly. This damage will cost quite a bit to repair, and the insurance policy of the Ciaz is likely to be put into use.

Now, coming to the crash itself, here are some ways such accidents can be avoided:

  1. Do NOT tail gate, especially at higher speeds. Tail gating means driving too close to the car in front of you. This does not give the driver of the second car to brake in case the first driver brakes hard.
  2. Use the 3 second rule. While driving at higher speeds, say 60 Kph and above, make sure that you cross an electric pole/stationary object 3 seconds after the first car has crossed it. In the wet, extend this time to 5 seconds.
  3. Always stay alert. While in the driver’s seat, anticipating accidents is something that you have do all the time. Not paying attention to the car in front, even on roads with medians means that you won’t be able to stop or evade in time.
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