Watch thieves distract Maruti Ciaz driver and steal bag [Video]

In India, thieves have devised innovative ways to steal things from cars. There have been many cases where multiple thieves from a gang have successfully distracted a car driver and stole valuables from the car. Here is one such similar incident where the driver of a moving car was stopped in the middle of the road and the bag was stolen without the owner noticing.

The video, which has been taken from a roadside CCTV camera shows how the thieves carry out the theft. The video shows a narrow lane, which is likely to be a service lane of a residential area. The road is full of people and it is the middle of the day. A scooter takes over the Ciaz and both riders on the scooter wave to the car driver while the pillion says something to him while pointing towards the front of the car. The Ciaz driver can be spotted stopping the car immediately and getting out of the car to inspect the vehicle.

As soon as the driver gets out of the car, a second and third scooter stop behind the car. One of the pillion riders get down on the road and waits for the right moment while the rider takes away from the scooter from the spot. When the person waiting to steal the bag from the car did not get the chance to take out the bag cleanly, the third scooter comes as a cover and distract the car driver. The thieves stop in front of the car and engage the driver in a conversation, which gives a window to the thief to take out the bag.

Watch thieves distract Maruti Ciaz driver and steal bag [Video]

The thief on foot moves in sneakingly avoiding the car driver and opens the right rear door of the sedan. In the meanwhile, the scooter that dropped him there comes back and parks in a position to run away from the spot. As soon as the thief gets his hands on the bag, someone of the road spots him and alerts the driver who was still engaged in a conversation with the gang members. Even though the alarm was raised, the thief ran to sit on the scooter and all of them escape from the spot within seconds. Since the car was facing towards the opposite direction, the driver of the car also could not chase them. The contents of the bag remain unknown.

This is not the first such incident that has happened in India and got recorded on the camera. In the past, such incidents have happened quite often and thieves have even used baits like currency notes to lure out the driver and distract him. Many gangs have spilt oil on the car and have said that the car is leaking oil, which alerts many drivers.

However, it is absolutely necessary to know about the car that you’re driving and if such incidents happen, you should ve alarmed. If getting out of the car, one should always lock the car and take out the keys. For safety measures, keeping the bags inside the boot is always advisable since it keeps the valuables away from the sight of such scammers and in most cases, the boot remains closed.

Shantonil Nag

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