Maruti Ciaz gets hit by a Tata Nano: Here are the results

Maruti Ciaz gets hit by a Tata Nano: Here are the results

A Maruti Ciaz was rear-ended by a Tata Nano. The incident happened in Goa. The Ciaz looks badly damaged with the bumper coming off and the boot lid getting dislocated. The Nano, which also suffers damage, seems much less affected by the crash. The bonnet shows a dent while the front bumper is dislocated. So, what’s happening here. We explain!

Nano-Ciaz 2

The Nano’s crumple zone is short, which is perhaps why the deformation is not as extensive as that on the Ciaz. While this would result in a smaller repair bill, more force is likely be transmitted to the occupants of the Nano, and that’s not a good thing.

The Ciaz’s crumple zone at the rear seems to have taken most of the impact, doing its job well. In this crash, the occupants of the Ciaz could have come out less shaken than those of the Nano. The silver lining is that none of the occupants of both cars suffered major injuries.

Nano-Ciaz 3


Meanwhile, crashes such as these can be easily avoided. The key is to avoid tail gating and maintain sufficient distance from the car in the front. Here are a few rules you must follow while driving behind another car,

  1. Do NOT tail gate, especially at higher speeds. Tail gating means driving too close to the car in front of you. This does not give the driver of the second car to brake in case the first driver brakes hard.
  2. Use the 3 second rule. While driving at higher speeds, say 60 Kph and above, make sure that you cross an electric pole/stationary object 3 seconds after the first car has crossed it. In the wet, extend this time to 5 seconds.
  3. Always stay alert. While in the driver’s seat, anticipating accidents is something that you have do all the time. Not paying attention to the car in front, even on roads with medians means that you won’t be able to stop or evade in time.

Images courtesy Janarthanam.Balasundaram on Facebook