Maruti Dzire achieves mileage of 45 kmpl. Ford Classic records 32 kmpl. Here’s how!

The mileage figures being claimed by the Maruti Dzire diesel and petrol and the Ford Fiesta Classic are seemingly unbelievable right? And rightly so. You cannot get those kind of mileage figures with normal driving.

Maruti Dzire achieves mileage of 45 kmpl. Ford Classic records 32 kmpl. Here’s how!

Maruti conducted a “Dzirable Mileage Rally” across 31 cities on the weekend, inviting Maruti Dzire owners to try and achieve the maximum mileage from their cars. The winner among diesel Maruti Dzire owners was Gurdeep Singh, who clocked an unbelievable 45.8 kmpl – nearly twice what ARAI-certified mileage figures for the Dzire diesel are. ARAI certifies that the Maruti Dzire diesel gives 23.4 kmpl. Among petrol Maruti Dzire owners, Shrirang Chindarkar, managed to get a maximum fuel efficiency of 42.1 kmpl, which is more than twice the ARAI-certified fuel efficiency figure of 19.1 kmpl.

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A few years ago Ford and AutoCarIndia magazine conducted a mileage run with the Ford Classic (earlier called Ford Fiesta), and managed to squeeze out a record 32.38 kmpl from the car in an extended run. Ford took that figure and widely advertised it, which led buyers to believe that this was the kind of mileage they could get. Real world figures? A decent 20.7 kmpl, but nevertheless it disappointed buyers. Many among our CarToq community too sought clarification on those figures.

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Can you achieve over 40 kmpl?

However, if you really want to achieve those kind of mileage figures, you need to consciously drive using hypermiling techniques and you would be quite uncomfortable too at most times. Hypermiling calls for not using the AC. Windows need to be rolled up. You need to keep the car as light as possible. You probably need to over-inflate your tyres a bit too to reduce rolling resistance.

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How to measure accurate fuel efficiency?

If you really think you can achieve those mileage figures in real world conditions, go ahead and try it. The best way to calculate fuel efficiency is the tankful to tankful method. Follow the following steps to get the correct fuel economy of your car:

  • Fill the tank with fuel right up to the brim from a particular petrol pump
  • Reset your trip meter to zero
  • Drive using the above mentioned “Hypermiling techniques” for about a 100 km
  • Return to the same petrol pump and refill your tank to the brim
  • Note the trip meter reading
  • Divide the number of kilometres travelled by the number of litres it took to fill the tank again
  • The resulting figure is your exact fuel economy in kmpl

Any of you want to take up this challenge on your existing cars and see how much you can really squeeze out? Or do you think it’s highly inconvenient to drive like that. Share your thoughts.

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