Maruti Dzire is India’s BEST selling car of 2018: Why’s everyone buying it!

We are now seeing a shift in buying pattern in India as more and more people are interesting in buying  compact SUVs. However, compact sedans like the Maruti Suzuki Dzire will continue to be among the best sellers for the time being. To let you know, Maruti Suzuki sold 16,797 units of the Dzire in December alone, which made it the second best selling car of the month. Why the car is selling so well is what we are here to answer. Read along to find the same.

Stylish Inside-Out

Maruti Suzuki may make a few boring looking cars but the Dzire for sure is not among them. The car has been always been a looker, thanks to the Swift family DNA. Second generation model onward, the car became even better as the boot was less protruding and looked less of an afterthought addition. The company has further given a rather tasteful design treatment to the current 3rd generation model and it now has a wider body, lower height and raked A and C-pillars.

Lack of rear seat room was one of the grievances that people had with the car but the new model improves upon that too. The interior of the car are now quite premium and feature wooden inserts on the dashboard, steering wheel and the door panels. Dual tone interior theme and projector LED headlamps are other additions that make it look premium. Though compact, the car for sure has some credible road presence.

Excellent After Sales Service

One of the strongest aspect of Maruti Suzuki in India is their excellent after sales service, which is the reason why many people trust the brand with eyes closed. The company has the most number of service centers and spare parts suppliers than any other manufacturer in India. Moreover, the spare parts and other aftermarket services costs are quite low, which translates into a stress free ownership experience. Most of the Maruti Suzuki cars also command a good resale value, which is another plus point for the company.

The brand has been present in India since 1983 and has done a lot of groundwork till date, which is hard to match by other manufacturers which have entered the market quite late. The bounce rate  of buyers heavily depends upon the aftermarket service and the company scores excellently in that.

High Fuel Efficiency

The Dzire comes powered by both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine is a 1.2 litre unit and produces 82 Bhp of power along with 113 Nm of torque. It has both manual and automatic transmission options available on it. The petrol powered variant gets an ARAI certified fuel efficiency rating of 22 km/l.The 1.3 litre diesel unit, on the other hand, churns out 74 Bhp of power along with 190 Nm of torque. It also comes mated to both manual and automatic options.

However, the Fiat sourced diesel engine has an ARAI rated fuel efficiency rating of 28.4 km/l, which makes it the most fuel efficient conventional engine car on sale in India currently. Mileage is one of the main factors people keep in mind before buying a vehicle and the Dzire scores big on it.

Something for Everyone

Now the Indian car market is quite a versatile one with people wanting all types of possible combinations to be available in a car. Maruti offers the Dzire with a host of trim and engine-transmission configurations. Additionally, the car comes with an automatic (AMT) option on both the diesel and petrol variants. The automatic transmission comes not only in one but three trims in both the petrol and diesel variant which makes it quite a attractive option for everyone. The car starts at Rs. 5.60 Lakhs for the base LXi variant and goes all the way up to Rs. 9.45 Lakhs for top of the line ZDi Plus AMT variant. Maruti has made sure that there is something for everyone and at every price point for the Dzire.

Huge Brand Value

Maruti has sold a large number of Dzire compact sedan in India till now. Going by sheer volume, Maruti sells more Dzire than the entire sale of some reputed major manufacturers. This has created a massive brand value that people can trust. The original Swift first created a platform from which the Dzire got a head start. However, the car proved to be an excellent value for money package. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki in itself is among the most reputed brand this side of the world in terms of people’s trust. Most of the Maruti Suzuki customers don not bounce on to other car brands and come back to the brand for their next car. This alone speaks volumes about the kind of brand value the brand has.


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