Maruti Dzire clocks record mileage of 45.8 kmpl on diesel and 42.1 kmpl for petrol

Maruti is clearly feeling the heat from the launch of the Honda Amaze, especially the Honda Amaze diesel which came with record ARAI certified fuel efficiency figures of 25.8 kmpl, a good 2.4 kmpl more than what the Maruti Dzire diesel claims. Not to be outdone, Maruti rounded up a bunch of Dzire owners and set a new record for itself.

Maruti Dzire clocks record mileage of 45.8 kmpl on diesel and 42.1 kmpl for petrol

Maruti organized a rally called the “Dzirable Mileage Rally” in 31 cities over the weekend. This rally was to ostensibly to celebrate 5.5 lakh sales in 5 years of the Maruti Dzire, but the real reason was to come up with a record mileage figure it could shove in the face of Honda and say “Beat that!” Sixty two Maruti Dzire owners in Mumbai took part in the rally that covered a distance of 55 km.

In Mumbai, a Maruti Dzire diesel customer, Gurdeep Singh, won the challenge among diesel Dzire owners clocking a record mileage of 45.8 kmpl in his Dzire, of course, following the best hypermiling techniques there are. Among petrol Maruti Dzire owners, Shrirang Chindarkar, clocked a mileage of 42.1 kmpl. Also read: How to get maximum mileage from your petrol car

Interestingly, the overall average mileage that Dzire owners on this special fuel-efficiency rally achieved was 32.4 kmpl for diesel and 30.6 kmpl for petrol. ARAI has given the Maruti Dzire a certified fuel efficiency of 23.4 kmpl for diesel and 19.1 kmpl for petrol.  Also read: How to get maximum mileage from your diesel car

How they got such unbelievable fuel efficiency

Before the rally set off all the participants were briefed about driving methods to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. They were given a time chart, route map and booklet with tips as they drove along a pre-defined route from Bandra in Mumbai. Some of the tips that Maruti told Dzire owners included:

–          Do not exceed 50 kmph speed

–          Drive in the correct gear for the speed and engine rpm

–          Avoid sudden acceleration

–          Avoid unnecessary braking

–          Do not switch off the engine while the car is moving, instead just lift foot off the accelerator

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Why you won’t get these mileage figures

Most of these are part of the hyper-miling techniques used globally by drivers looking to set record fuel efficiency figures. Of course, a lot of these cannot be used in everyday traffic conditions, as it would be uncomfortable and inconvenient to drive the car this way. For instance, you can’t use the AC, you’ll have to pick up gently (and risk getting honked at by irate drivers behind you). You have to switch off the car at all traffic signals.

A few years ago Ford too had done a record mileage run with the Ford Classic along with an auto magazine and achieved a fuel efficiency figure of 32 kmpl, which it used in its advertisements to entice buyers to the Ford Classic, and many buyers were dismayed by the real figures they got, which was nearly 40% lower. Also read: 10 simple ways to reduce your monthly fuel cost

But in Maruti’s case, it will help its cause by sending out a message that the Maruti Dzire is still quite fuel efficient, and if you want, you really could stretch that litre quite a bit. We wonder if Honda too would bother setting a record mileage run with the Amaze diesel?