Maruti Dzire goes dune bashing: But should you do it? [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Dzire is one of the most popular sub-4 meter sedan in India. The car has been in the market for years and we have seen Maruti updating the sedan with necessary features too. It is front wheel driver sedan which is mostly meant for city and highway drives. There are Maruti Dzire owners who have modified this sedan. Many tastefully modified examples of the same have been featured on our website in the past. Off-roading is not something that a Maruti Dzire would normally dare to do with his sedan. However there are exceptions in this case as well. Here we have a video where a Maruti Dzire is seen dune bashing without problem.

The video has been shared by mr_lovejeet_singh_07 on their Instagram profile. The location seen here in the video is most probably Rajasthan. There are sand dunes all around and tourists visiting the spot can also be seen in the video. All of a sudden a white colour Maruti Dzire seen drives into the sand and the driver is carrying good speed. While there were Mahindra 4×4 jeeps parked next to the sand dunes, the car driver did not stop and simply drove the car into the sand dune. In this video, the Dzire is seen smoothly cruising over the sand dunes and people visiting the spot can be seen looking at the car as well.

This is a very short video and it does not show whether the driver was able to drive the car back to the tarmac without getting stuck. The car is seen gliding through the sand dunes without any issues. As we all know, Maruti Dzire is a front wheel drive sedan and it is not the type of car which you would normally take off-road. It looks like the driver has driven on this surface before and was carrying momentum while driving on the sand. When driving on such loose surfaces, momentum is always your friend. Maruti Dzire driving on the sand dunes many look very good but, should you actually do it? We would say no. Even if you are an experienced driver, driving a 2WD or front wheel driver car on loose sand is not good.

Maruti Dzire goes dune bashing: But should you do it? [Video]

because of the weight of the car, the chances of it getting stuck are very high. In this case, even if the car gets stuck, he can get the vehicle recovered using the jeeps that are used for desert safari. In case of a front wheel drive car, the power from the engine is sent only to the front wheels. The chance of front wheel getting stuck in sand are high. The rear wheels have no power and they won’t be helping the car in getting out of such situation. We would not recommend doing such activities in a sedan or a front wheel drive SUV. If you are doing it, at least make sure that you have a back up vehicle to help you get out if the car gets stuck.