Maruti Dzire is India’s FASTEST selling car, ever!

Maruti Suzuki launched the all-new Dzire in India last year and soon after the launch, it secured the top spot on the sales chart. The all-new Dzire became the first ever sedan to be on the top spot of the sales chart in India and remained there for a long time. Maruti Suzuki has announced that the all-new Dzire is the fastest selling car in the history of Indian automobiles ever.

Maruti Dzire is India’s FASTEST selling car, ever!

The brand has sold 3 lakh units of the Dzire in just 17 months, which is more than 17,000 units per month on an average. The new Dzire has done an excellent job in the market as per Maruti, the compact sedan has sold 28% more than the 2nd generation Dzire.

The Dzire was launched in an all-new avatar and is based on an all-new HEARTECT platform. The new car does not resemble in any way to the old vehicle.

Mr R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director (M&S) at Maruti Suzuki India said:

We launched the new Dzire with smooth sedan styling, plush and roomy interiors, superior overall comfort and advanced safety features. It has created an excitement among our customers. The sales of new Dzire shot up by 28% compared to the previous generation car. The new Dzire meets the aspirations of young and indulgence seeking Indian customer. The testimony to it is 25% of customers have opted for the top variants, which are loaded with new features. The hugely popular Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology is available on more variants of the Dzire, starting from the V trim up to Z and Z+. Nearly 20% of buyers have chosen the automatic variant. We thank our customers for their tremendous support to all new Dzire.

Maruti has also revealed that as many as 25% of the customers chose the top variant of the Dzire, which is a phenomenal number. Also, 20% of the customers chose the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) automatic variants of the Dzire, which gives a fair idea on the rising popularity of the automatic transmissions in the Indian market. It should be noted that the all-new Dzire is offered with both petrol and diesel AMT options.

The Dzire gets a 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 82 Bhp and 113 Nm. The diesel variants get powered by the 1.3-litre Multijet engine that produces a maximum of 74 Bhp and 190 Nm. The petrol engine returns a maximum of 22 km/l while the diesel version returns a maximum of 28.4 km/l. The Dzire takes on the likes of Ford Aspire, Hyundai Xcent and Volkswagen Ameo in the Indian market.

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