Maruti Dzire reimagined as a modern day Hindustan Ambassador

Most of the politicians used to opt for the Hindustan Ambassador as their vehicle. Due to this, we have seen a lot of Ambassadors on our Indian roads and everyone is familiar with it. The Ambassador was in production till 2014. The production of Ambassador started in 1957 making it one of the oldest vehicles that were still on sale in 2014. Groupe PSA bought the Ambassador brand back in 2017. They have already entered the Indian market with Citroen so there is a chance that they decide to bring back the Ambassador. Here, we have a render of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire in which the artist has imagined the best selling compact sedan with the iconic styling of the Hindustan Ambassador.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by SRK Designs and he is the designer of the render. The artist has used the pre-facelifted Dzire and has modified it to look like a modern version of the Ambassador. He has only worked on the exterior of the sedan and has not modified the interior. It is important to note that Maruti Suzuki has no plans to introduce a classic version of the Dzire. The video is purely based on the imagination of the artist.

The Dzire is finished in white colour with a hint of silver in it. The paint scheme is very similar to the one found on the Ambassador. The front grille is the same as the Dzire but now gets chrome horizontal slats. The headlamps have been replaced with circular units. The fog lamp housings have been removed and are now replaced with larger circular units. Now, the front looks a lot like a modern version of the Ambassador. The artist has also replaced the alloy wheels with chrome wheel caps. There is also a red beacon light on the roof.

Maruti Dzire reimagined as a modern day Hindustan Ambassador

Maruti Suzuki launched a facelift of the Dzire last year. They gave it a new grille and some new features. However, the biggest update was the new engine. It is still a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated unit but it now gets two injectors instead of one. We have already seen this engine on the Baleno, it is called the DualJet engine.

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The engine is more powerful than the previous 1.2-litre engine. It produces 90 PS of max power instead of 83 PS which the previous engine produced. The torque output stays the same at 113 Nm. You can get it with a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 5-speed AMT. The fuel efficiency of the manual gearbox is rated at 23.26 km/l while the fuel efficiency of the AMT gearbox is rated at 24.12 km/l.

The feature that was added by Maruti Suzuki is a new 4.2-inch multi-information display. It now also gets cruise control for fatigue-free highway driving. The manufacturer is also offering an electronic stability program and hill-hold function as standard across the AMT variants. It now also comes with a newer generation of the 7-inch SmartPlay touchscreen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.