Maruti Dzire with Ambassador styling: Perfect for Govt officials [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador is an iconic car and is also the car that remained in the production for the longest time in the Indian market. The Ambassador was in production for more than three decades in India and served various government authorities in India including the Prime Ministers and the Defense personnel. The Ambassador remained a top choice for many even after the arrival of the cars like Maruti 800, which were much more affordable. However, over the years, the popularity of the Ambassador went down as it was not updated to keep up with modern times. But what if it had been updated and continued to be in production? While it will be difficult to imagine a modern avatar of Ambassador, what we have here is a perfect blend between the discontinued sedan and the best-selling sedan in the Indian market at the moment!

Presenting the Dzire-Ambassador sedan that has been made by SRK Designs. With the call for Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat, a bulletproof variant of this can serve perfectly to our Indian leaders and politicians on the global stage and show India’s prowess in the sector. This rendered image of the Ambassador-Dzire with a strobe on the top looks quite funky.

Maruti Dzire with Ambassador styling: Perfect for Govt officials [Video]

Indian politicians used to put a lot of trust on the Ambassador sedans in the past. From Indira Gandhi to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Ambassador was the go-to car for the former prime ministers. While the Special Protection Group (SPG) has chosen several foreign-made bulletproof cars like BMW 7-Series Hi-Security, Land Rover Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman for the Prime Minister and President of India, a resurrected version of the Ambassador will be something that will put India on the same page as the countries like USA, China, Russia, England and a few other countries who have custom-made indigenous vehicles for their respective head of the country.


It should be noted that this is a digitally created rendering and there are no plans for launching such a vehicle in the future. However, we may just an all-new car that may carry the Ambassador moniker in the future. PSA Group, which will launch the Citroen brand in India next year has now bought the rights to use the Ambassador moniker in future. While there are no plans to launch a car with the same name in the near future, it sure will be something grand whenever it is launched in the market. The Ambassador name is iconic and there are many who still own the discontinued sedan and many of them even have beautifully restored and modified versions of the vehicle.

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