This homemade ‘sportscar’ is actually a Maruti Eeco [Video]

Sportscars are something that remains only a dream for many enthusiasts. There is no cheap sports car and even if someone saves up to buy one, it takes a lot of money to maintain such a high-performance vehicle. While many enthusiasts can only keep their dream cars as only posters in their rooms, there are a few who do hard work to turn their dreams into reality. Here is such a person who transformed a humble Eeco MUV into a sporty-looking car!

The video has been made by SM Vlogs and there is also a section where the person who transformed the vehicle explained how he did it actually. This car is made completely at home and is made by hand. As you all know that the Eeco front-engined car while this transformed sportscar has the engine in the rear.

The creator of this vehicle says that he started making this vehicle when he was studying in the 11th standard. He says that the design inspiration comes from two of his favourite cars – Lamborghini Veneno and Bugatti Veyron. The car took about two years to complete. Kaushal further claims that he is planning to manufacture India’s most affordable sports car in the future too.

Now coming back to the transformation job, it gets a toughened glass engine cover. The engine is in the rear, which required a lot of changes in the car. Kaushal also says that this is not the final form and he will add a spoiler in the rear. He has also left a space for that.

The total cost of this modification job is around Rs 12 lakhs. He also claims that previously he had used carbon fibre to make the body but it did not turn out to be a good idea. It is currently made up of metal and he has named it as RBS. At the front, it gets naked projector lamps with LED DRLs. It also gets scissor doors like we get to see on the Lamborghini models.

Is it legal to drive on the public roads? The answer is no. Such handmade cars are not legal on public roads. Any road legal car needs to be certified by ARAI for roadworthiness. n all, it does not look like a finished work but since it is based on an Eeco, there are full marks for the efforts.

Kaushal further says that he will work on the car and will launch a better version of it in the coming times. There are very few cars that have been developed in India. Most of the cars that we see on the roads today are developed in foreign countries and then India specific changes are done to make it suit the roads and the conditions. We do hope to see many more such enthusiasts coming up with their creations in the future.