Men in Maruti Ertiga stop Mahindra Scorpio: Break windscreen with baseball bat

Road rage incidents are very common across India. However, only a few of them get recorded on camera. Here is one such road rage incident that happened in Vasai, Maharashtra that looks terrible and scary. Here is what happened.

The video, which is recorded from the inside of a Mahindra Scorpio shows a Maruti Ertiga rashly driving around on the highway. Harsh Panchal, a 27-year old, who is a resident of Thane and was driving the Scorpio got stopped by the Ertiga in the middle of the road.

Three men with baseball bats and sticks came running out of the Ertiga after stopping the Scorpio in the middle of the road. They broke the windshield of the Scorpio with the bat and then beat him up too.

The incident happened in Vasai at around 10 am in the daylight. The car of the attacker had “Police” sticker at the front and “Brahman” written in the rear. Harsh Panchal says that the Ertiga chased him for about 5 km and then finally forced him to stop by parking the Ertiga in front of his Scorpio. After stopping the Scorpio, the goons pinned the driver and continued beating him for several minutes.

Men in Maruti Ertiga stop Mahindra Scorpio: Break windscreen with baseball bat

No other cars stopped to help Harsh Panchal as the attackers threatened the onlookers and passersby too.

Overtaking was the problem

Police said that the occupants in the Ertiga got angry because of an overtaking issue. Even though Harsh Panchal took out the phone to record the mishap, he could only record for 27 seconds.

After the assault, Harsh Panchal reached the Valiv Police station and lodged an FIR. He lodged the FIR against the unknown persons under sections 324, 323, 504, 427 and 34. However, the cops did not add the section of an attempt to murder.

One arrested

One of the accused who first came out of the Ertiga to attack the Scorpio with a baseball bat has been arrested by the police. The accused identified as Devendra Pathak was arrested from his house in Kopar Kairane on Monday. Pathak is a clerk in a school located in Kalyan.

The police officer said to Mid-Day,

“We have arrested one accused, Devendra Pathak, alias Aman. His brother Aakash is absconding with the car in which the accused were travelling on the day of incident. We have learnt that the third accused is their friend. He will also be arrested,”

On Facebook, Pathak claims to be a ‘Mumbai Traffic Police ambassador’, which is why he pasted the Police sign on his car. However, the police officer said they do not have any knowledge of such a post in Mumbai Police. The car is registered in his mother’s name, who is a school teacher.

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