Maruti Ertiga TVCs featuring Varun Dhawan released [Video]

Maruti Suzuki today launched the second-generation Ertiga MPV in India. Prices for the all-new Ertiga start at Rs 7.44 lakhs ex-showroom (Delhi). Maruti has released a set of television commercials (TVCs) for the next-gen Ertiga, which focus on its ability to carry 7 people and its new design with the slogan ‘Move Together in Style’.

Both TVCs feature actor Varun Dhawan, who is the brand ambassador for Maruti Suzuki Arena. The two TVCs titled ‘Adventure & Party’ and ‘Office and Adventure’ respectively were released a few days ago and feature Dhawan using the new MPV for different activities.

The ‘Adventure & Party’ TVC, Dhawan is seen driving a group of friends up some ghat roads. The actor then gives a voiceover stating, “I am the Adventure when we chase it together”, with a feminine voice singing his lines after him in an echo.

The ad then sees two next-gen Ertigas pass each other on the bridge with Dhawan behind the wheel of both. The scene then shifts to the second car and a night scene as the actor once again does a voiceover stating, “I am the afterparty when we rock it together”. The TVC then shifts scenes again, showing Dhawan with the Ertiga as he states, “My life has many styles but it is stylish only when we live it together.” He then switches over to a voiceover again stating, “The Next-Gen Maruti Suzuki Ertiga – Move Together in Style”.

The second TVC titled Office & Adventure first sees Dhawan as the head of a startup who drives his workers to the office in his Ertiga as they discuss what to do. It then shifts to the office and sees Dhawan jumping in celebration along with the rest of his workforce.

Dhawan gives another voiceover stating “I am the startup when we work it together.” The scene then shows, two Ertigas at a set of lights as the Adventure section of the TVC kicks in and sees a repeat of the first part of the Adventure & Party TVC. It then ends with Dhawan delivering his piece to camera with the Ertiga as at the end of the first TVC.