Maruti Grand Vitara AWD: Video shows how capable the SUV is off-road

Maruti Suzuki launched their all-new SUV Grand Vitara in the market recently. The Grand Vitara is all-new SUV that was jointly developed with Toyota for India. The car has started reaching dealerships and we have seen several videos of the same online too. Grand Vitara is different from other Maruti SUVs as it is the first in the Indian market to get the AllGrip AWD feature. It makes Grand Vitara capable than some of its competitors and here we have a video that shows how the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AWD version performs off-road.

The video has been uploaded by TheUnbiasedBlogTV on their YouTube channel. In thsis video, the vlogger drives the Grand Vitara AWD version through a set of obstacles that show the capabilities of the SUV. The video is shot in Udaipur where Maruti had conducted the official medial drives few months ago. If you want to check the detailed first drive review of the new Grand Vitara, click here. It should be noted that the AWD feature is only available with the mild hybrid version of Grand Vitara with a manual transmission option. The vlogger explains every obstacle that the Grand Vitara was going to face in the video. He also talks how features in the SUV helped driver clear the hurdle.

The first obstacle was actually a very deep pit. This was done in order to check the incline and decline angle of the SUV. It was a steep slope down and the SUV had to climb out from the other side of the pit. In this obstacle, the 360 degree camera feature of the SUV helped give the driver a good view of the road ahead as he cannot physically see things ahead of him while climbing. The electronic aids like traction control help the SUV in clearing these obstacles.

Maruti Grand Vitara AWD: Video shows how capable the SUV is off-road

Next is the ascent and descent, where the SUV have to be driven up a steep section and will have to come down from the other side. In this obstacle, Grand Vitara’s hill descent control and auto hill assist feature. The hill assist feature won’t let the car roll back when you stop on an uphill section while the hill descent feature controls the speed of the car by by applying brakes automatically. Next were the articulation pits where suspension and the AWD system of the Grand Vitara is put to test. In this obstacle, one of the four wheels of the SUV is always in air and the AWD system deects that and pushes the car forward without any issue.

After this the SUV is taken to a slush pit to show how the AWD system works. If it were a 2WD SUV, it does not even stand a chance. Even with the HT tyres, Grand Vitara performed well in these conditions. The vlogger even tested the AWD system of the SUV by switching between the terrain modes. He even drove the SUV on ice slabs to check how the traction control of the SUV would detect slippage and would redirect the power to the wheels that ahve traction. Overall, the SUV performed well and the vlogger was blown away by the performance.