Maruti Grand Vitara Sigma variant neatly modified into top-end variant [Video]

Maruti launched their all-new mid size premium SUV Grand Vitara in the market few months ago. It is currently the flagship model from the manufacturer in India and is being sold via Nexa dealerships. Grand Vitara has started reaching dealerships and deliveries of the same have also started. Customers have also started modifying the car as per their interest. Here we have one such video where a base variant Maruti Grand Vitara SUV is neatly modified into a top-end variant.

The video has been uploaded by VIG AUTO ACCESSORIES on their YouTube channel. In this video, the base Sigma variant of Grand Vitara mild hybrid version has been neatly modified to look like a higher variant. Starting with the exterior, the workshop installed gloss black garnish around the headlamps and the changed the halogen lights to LED. The daul-function LED DRLs are standard with the new Grand Vitara SUV. Other than this, they also installed a 360 degree camera and the placemen of the camera units are also very neat.

Coming to the side profile, the steel rims have been replaced with Grand Vitara’s genuine 17 inch dual-tone units. Roof rails and rain visors have also been installed on this SUV as part of the modification. At the rear, the SUV comes with the same all LED tail lamps and rear windscreen wiper. More customisations are done to the interior of this SUV. The workshop went for the same brown and balck dual-tone theme that is seen in the higher variants. The car comes with brown coloured lather paddings on the doors and the dashboard. The AC vents and the power window buttons panels on the door are all finished in gloss black.

Maruti Grand Vitara Sigma variant neatly modified into top-end variant [Video]

The fabric seats are replaced with custom made dual-tone leather upholstery with perforation in the center. The stock steering wheel has been completely replaced with an aftermarket unit with flat top and bottom. The armrest is wrapped in black leather and the owner has also opted for an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system. It is placed inside a frame that makes it look like a stock display. The gear knob has been replaced and the similarly, the stock USB ports at the front and the rear are also installed.

The center console also gets leather wrap at the edges. Overall, the work done on this Grand Vitara looks very neat and the fit and finish of the seat covers and the door paddings are top notch too. The speaker system have also been upgraded in this Grand Vitara. This Grand Vitara SUV does not look like a base variant from any angle. The exterior looks great and the interior looks premium. The benefit of making such modifications to the car is that the owner can opt for the features that he want without spending a lot of money. The video mentions that the overall cost of this exterior and interior modification package is Rs 1.29 lakh. If the owner had to opt for a higher variant with all these features, he would have to spend more than that.