Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid vs Alto K10 in a mileage challenge [Video]

Maruti Alto K10 and Grand Vitara are vehicles that belong to two different segments. One is a small hatchback while the other is a mid-size SUV and also the flagship model from the Indian manufacturer. Both vehicles are entirely different from each other is many aspects but, one thing both these models have in common is fuel efficiency. Both these vehicles are the most fuel efficient vehicles in their respective segment. Here we have a video where both these vehicles are put to test on real world conditions to find out which one is more fuel efficient.

The video has been uploaded by Gagan Choudhary on his YouTube channel. In this video, Gagan calls his friend and fellow auto journalist Vikas Yogi to drive a car in the same road conditions as him. Vikas chose to drive the new Alto K10 and Gagan was driving the Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid. The Alto K10 has a claimed fuel economy of 24 kmpl and the Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid has around 28 kmpl. Both of them sit inside the car and start driving the car through city roads.

In these conditions, both the vehicles are behaving differently. The Alto K10 is using the 1.0 litre, three cylinder petrol engine, while the Grand Vitara is mostly working on the electric motor. Constant braking in city traffic conditions will bring the fuel efficiency of Alto K10 while, braking is good for the strong hybrid system as it recharges the battery. They drive the car in city conditions for over 12 kms before joining the highway.

Maruti Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid vs Alto K10 in a mileage challenge [Video]

After coverign 7 km, Gagan asks Vikas about the fuel efficiency of Alto K10 and it was returning around 23 kmpl at that time. The Vitara was returning slightly less than that. In the next 4-5 km stretch, the electric motor in the Grand Vitara kept the engine off and increased the fuel efficiency. Even then, it was not as very different from what the k10 was offering. Vikas was driving the car in higher gears to keep the engine relaxed and thus helping in returning more fuel efficiency.

After Joining the highway, both the vehicles were being driven at 60 kmph for few kilometres and after that the speed limit was increased to 100 kmph. Both the drivers increased the speed of the depending on the road. The nature of strong hybrid system changes the moment car picks up speed. At higher speeds, the electric motor shuts down and the engine is powering the car. This means at higher speeds, it is working like any other car in the road. Alto K10 on the other hand can maintain a constant speed and this would help increasing the fuel efficiency.

After driving both the cars through city and highway. Both the drivers comes to a stop. In total, they had covered over 30 km as per the trip meter. The Grand Vitara was showing a fuel economy of 24 kmpl and the Alto K10 was showing a fuel economy of 26.6 kmpl. There are various reasons that affected the results. It should be noted that the fuel efficiency figures mentioned above are as per display. The real numbers will be slightly lower as the display always has an error.