Electric Maruti Gypsy with 6 guys on board easily climbs steep hill (Video)

Electric Gypsy

Electric cars are the talk of the town and many experts believe that they will become the future of mobility around the world. While the electric cars are not very common in the Indian market yet, they sure are on their way. But what if the regular cars can get converted into electric cars without much fuss? Well, Pixy Cars is one such company in India who are working on to convert regular cars into electric cars. Here is a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, which has been converted by Pixy Cars in action.

There are conversion kits that remove the engine and adds electric motors and batteries to the vehicle to make it an emission-free vehicle. The best part is that the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy retains its 4X4 drive layout, which keeps its character alive. According to the website of the manufacturer, the conversion can be done only with the help of hand tools, which means it should not take much time to convert a vehicle. It also gets a plug-n-play wiring system that removes the requirement of laying out new wires from scratch in the SUV.

Electric Maruti Gypsy with 6 guys on board easily climbs steep hill (Video)

The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy shown in the video has been converted to become an electric vehicle. The jungle safari type Gypsy has been modified to seat 6 people in total. In the rear, there are four people while two people are inside the cabin. The Gypsy can be heard humming the sound of the electric motor and going up a steep gradient with everyone on board. The vehicle climbs on the steep gradient without much problem and it reaches the top of the small hill without any problem. It truly shows the capability of the vehicle and how efficient electric vehicles can be.

Electric vehicles offer a much higher amount of torque than the regular vehicles. Also, they have an advantage during off-roading trails and places that require a high amount of torque output. Electric motors produce maximum power right from the zero rpm, which means that they do not require to reach a certain rpm to produce the maximum power. It is extremely useful during the off-roading sessions and other challenging sessions where a high amount of torque is needed right from the start.

The price of the conversion or maximum range in a single charge are not mentioned on the official website of the Pixy Cars but we are trying to get more information on the same. According to the website, the vehicles can be fitted with remote operation kit that can drive the vehicle remotely. It eliminates the need of the driver. It also provides auxiliary drive, power supply for the farm equipment, farmhouse or camping, which means it works as an invertor and as a power source too. Electric cars would become a common sight on the road in the coming times and we are sure that such conversion kits would come in handy too.