Maruti Gypsy owner uses a log in place of the rear wheel during an off-road emergency

Off-roading is without any doubt an adventure sport. Things can easily go south if not done properly. In India, although SUV segments is getting popular among public, only a few people take their vehicles off-road to test its capability. There are few groups who organise such events so that even an inexperienced driver can drive through tough terrains under their guidance. There is a high possibility that a car or and SUV which is doing off-roading might get stuck or break down. If you have a crew that is experienced enough they’ll come up with a way to get you out of the situation. Here we have a video that shows the same thing.

The video has been uploaded by Kashmir Off Road on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing a group of Maruti Gypsy in the woods exploring off-road trails. One of the Gypsy in the group had suffered major damage and the rear right side tyre of the SUV had come off. The car was now on three wheels and it was getting dark and the group wanted to get down with the Gypsy to the bottom so that they can repair it.

As mentioned, it was a group and one of them came up with an idea to tie a log under the Gypsy so that it can easily be towed to the bottom of the mountain. The Maruti Gypsy was lifted using a jack and the log was placed right next to the rear suspension and fastened. Once the log was in place, the Gypsy was towed by another Gypsy. The log was working fine and was also protecting the underbody of the car from hitting the ground.

Maruti Gypsy owner uses a log in place of the rear wheel during an off-road emergency

The Gypsy was moving effortlessly through the stretch. It even climbed steep sections with three wheels and a log. After the group had covered some distance, they came across a downhill section with lots of rock in it. The log that was tied under the Gypsy was actually hitting some of the rocks and was stopping the vehicle from going ahead. The group had to lift the Gypsy couple of times so that it can smoothly glide over the rocks.

It seems like the Gypsy owner was having a bad day because after clearing the rocky section, the bumper and the winch on it also came off. They improvised and the Gypsy was once again towed to the bottom of the mountain with the help of a Mahindra Thar. This video is a perfect example that shows why it is recommended to go out on off-road activities in a group. If the Gypsy owner was driving alone in the woods when this incident had happened, then things would have been worse.

There was no way that the Gypsy owner could have brought the vehicle to the bottom of the mountain by himself. If he had tried doing it, he would have severely damaged the vehicle. The timely inputs and improvisation from people in the group actually helped in recovering this Maruti Gypsy.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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