This modern-looking Gypsy belongs in 2020 [Video]

Maruti Suzuki does discontinue the Gypsy in the Indian market after the BNVSAP norms were implemented in the market. Maruti Suzuki currently only manufactures Gypsy for the defence forces. Even though the manufacturer is likely to launch an Indias-spec version of the all-new Jimny, there are still many in the market who love the discontinued version of the car, especially because of its capabilities and look. There are many enthusiasts who own the Gypsy and have even modified it to make it look extreme. Here is one such Gypsy by AGM Technology in Delhi and here is the first video of the vehicle.

Named as the Gypsy Scout and it is different from the off-road focussed modified Gypsy SUVs. It looks really classy and futuristic. If Maruti Suzuki launches the older Gypsy with looks inspired by this modified vehicle, it sure will fit in the 2020 model line-up of the brand.

This modified version gets a hardtop and a small flatbed in the rear. The open cargo area looks really different from all the other Gypsy in India. It is like a double-cab with a small flatbed. There is even a cover for the rear open cargo space. There is a black insert under the roof and it adds a floating-type roof effect. The roof gets a contrasting white colour, which makes this Gypsy look very cool. The all-black alloy wheels also add to the classy stance of this Gypsy.

At the front, the vehicle gets a futuristic design. The grill has been updated and it now gets projector lamps on either side with square DRL. There is even a different logo on the grille. At the bottom, there is an off-road spec bumper that further adds to the futuristic look of this Gypsy. The bumper also gets powerful LED lamps that further add to the overall illumination and makes the roads visibly better at night.

This modern-looking Gypsy belongs in 2020 [Video]

At the rear, this modified Gypsy gets a tailgate-mounted tyre that adds to the massive look. On the inside, there are massive changes as well. The seats have been updated and upgraded to new, more comfortable ones. The dashboard gets a blue theme and classic additions like an analogue watch. There are carbon fibre inserts on the dashboard too. The vehicle also gets panoramic sunroof with forward-facing seats in the rear with seat belts. The car also gets a music system with the 8-speaker system. The cabin also looks very comfortable, even for long-distance journeys. The cost of such a modification is around Rs 7 lakhs as per the video including the cost of the alloy wheels, seats and everything else that you see in this video.

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