Off-roading gone wrong with man in Maruti Gypsy thrown up in the air [Video]

Motorsports is not very popular in India. Be it off-roading or track racing, there are only a few handfuls of enthusiasts who take interest in motorsports. However, in most cities, you will find a group of enthusiasts who meet regularly for off-roading sessions. A similar event was happening in Coorg, Karnataka when something went horribly wrong and a man was thrown up in the air. Watch the video to know what happened.

The video shows an obstacle which tests the vehicle’s capability to negotiate a decline and an incline. Since the obstacle had water in it, the vehicles that passed through it earlier must have struggled. The Gypsy that this video shows came in at a high speed to ensure that the momentum will take him to the other end. However, he had a passenger sitting in the rear bench without any safety harness.

Since the Gypsy was at good speed, it hit a big bump and jumped. The passenger sitting in the rear was thrown out of the vehicle and it looks scary. The driver of the Gypsy did not notice that the person fell down and he kept on driving. Since the person fell very close to the car, he missed the rear wheels by a few inches only. It could have been a far worse accident.

No ‘loose’ items in a car!

It is absolutely important to keep everything secure in a vehicle, especially while going for off-roading. Also, it is absolutely not advisable to sit on open areas in any car without a safety harness or seatbelt. Since off-roading is highly unpredictable, if the vehicle turns over, the person who was sitting in the rear could have been critically injured. It is always a good idea to be with off-road experts while going through such terrains who can guide you about the obstacles and ensure that you do it safely. During off-roading, many drivers prefer to not wear seatbelts on the obstacles that do not require high momentum. No seatbelts ensure that you can get out of the vehicle easily if it topples, however, if you’re someone who does not have much of off-roading experience, ensure that you are wearing the seatbelts all the time.

Seatbelts are absolutely necessary even when not driving through an off-road course. Also, it must be noted that unstrapped things like soft toys, water bottle, mobile phones, and other such things should be kept securely in the vehicle. They may seem harmless but in case of an accident, these objects become projectiles and can hurt you badly. It is always a good idea to keep your luggage in the boot and objects in seat pockets or door pockets securely while travelling.