Maruti Ignis covered with cow dung wins first prize in a car competition

Cow dug coated vehicles almost became a trend in India last year when the scorching heat of the summers forced people to think of innovative ideas. A woman from Gujarat covered her Toyota Corolla with a thick coat of cow dung, which became international news. Following that, many from around India did similar things to their vehicles to bring down the temperature and even a doctor became popular after he provided the same treatment to his Mahindra XUV500. A gentleman from Raipur, Chattishargh won the first prize after he applied a thick coat of cow dung on his Maruti Suzuki Ignis. Here’s what happened.

Maruti Ignis covered with cow dung wins first prize in a car competition

The report from Patrika says that during a rally earlier this month, a slew of car owners participated in the Raipur City. The rally of about thirty cars saw various vehicles and the owners had given a unique to their vehicle to make it look different from the others. After the rally, prizes were distributed to the vehicles with the most unique themes and the first prize winner, Rajesh, had put a coat of cow dung on his car.

There were themes like women empowerment, eco-friendly and drug abuse and more from the participants on their respective vehicles. The winner’s car came with the theme of recycling and reuse with the coat of cow dung on his car. The organisers reportedly handed him the award. It is not known if any cash prize was involved in the prize.

Rajesh says that he used 21 kg of cow dung and straws to cover the whole vehicle. No comments from the owner are there and the ideology of recycling and reuse by using the cow dung is also not known.

The Ignis covered in the cow dung also went through the city roads grabbing all the attention on the roads. While there is no indication of the cabin temperature going down by using the cow dung coat on the vehicle, the paint of the car may get damaged by covering it such an abrasive layer.

Maruti Ignis covered with cow dung wins first prize in a car competition

Cow dung and straw are the most common materials used in the mud houses of the villages in India. The straw and the cow dung captures the moisture, which in turn keeps the surface cooler by a few degrees. However, the cars are made out of metal and since metal heat up quite quickly, all the moisture from the layer of cow dung on the vehicle will evaporate within an hour on a hot day. Either the layer has to be watered every hour to keep it effective or it will be useless. However, adding water to the layer often may cause the vehicle to rust and bring down its overall life by a few years. So the best way to beat the heat is to park the car in a shady area and use the air conditioner whenever required!