Maruti Ignis offroad mod: You can do this too!

Maruti Ignis has quickly climbed the sales charts in India. The Kei styled car, a Ritz-replacement, has become popular because of its SUV-inspired design and advanced features. The Ignis also offers 180 mm of ground clearance, which is highest in the segment, This allows the car to go to places other hatchbacks can’t tread. Someone has just conjured up an off-road version of the Ignis. What if we tell you this can be a reality? Read on.

Ignis Off-road

Maruti Ignis offroad mod: You can do this too!

The off-road version of the car seen in the render looks very interesting. The front bumper has been removed. Instead, there is a plastic cladding just below the grille that also houses the fog lamps. There is a short off-road spec bumper with hooks on it.

The removal of front bumper increases the approach angle by a great degree and will be useful during steep inclines. The front grille resembles a Suzuki off-road vehicle – the Jimny. The car also gets a snorkel alongside the A-Pillar, it will increase the water wading depth by a great amount.

There is a roof-mounted black spoiler too but the roof colour is same as the body colour of the vehicle. From the pictures, it seems that Ignis is sitting on beefier suspension. The tyres are off-road spec, providing all the grip that Ignis will need during the expeditions through mud and slush.

Interestingly, Ignis comes with AllGrip or 4WD system in Japan and Europe. These countries get heavy snowfall and all-wheel drive vehicles are quite popular, unlike India. If the render becomes a reality, the Ignis will become a proper crossover and will enable enthusiasts to go further. The Ignis, being a lightweight car, will have an advantage over other heavier vehicles when it comes to going offroad.

Can it be done in real life?

The rendered car can be turned into a real life car. As per Arush Vohra, CEO and Founder of AutoPsyche, the modification job can be done as shown in the rendered image. Arush says that the new tyres and wheels can be fitted while the snorkel, bumper and other bits can be fabricated.

However, the suspension part can be tricky as there are no aftermarket parts available for the Ignis yet. The total job will cost about Rs. 2 lakh and will take 20 days to a month to complete. Now that you know the Ignis off-road project is actually feasible, will you give it a try?

Render by RBA Designs