Maruti Ignis Gives 300+ Bhp Skoda Octavias Run for Their Money [Video]

Track days are always fun for enthusiasts, especially when there is the right type of competition. There are many out there who believe that to enjoy track days, powerful cars are mandatory! Well, here is a video of Maruti Suzuki Ignis catching up with two Skoda Octavia sedans on India’s only Formula1 rated track – the Budh International Circuit (BIC).

Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs Skoda Octavia

Before we jump to what happened in the video, it should be noted that all the three cars in the video are heavily modified. The Skoda Octavia sedans are at the Stage 2 level modification while the Suzuki Ignis seen in the video gets a few aftermarket parts too, which makes it more powerful than the stock version of the vehicle.

Talking of the Black Octavia first, it gets powered by the 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Modification list includes Stage3 Code6Tuning performance remap, Stage3 TCU Tune with the launch control function, upgraded turbocharger IS20, spark plugs from Audi RS6, Wagner Tuning aftermarket intercooler to keep the turbocharger cool, Militek decat downpipe with 2.5-inch straight-pipe and Borla S-Type endcan, racing line performance intake system, Forge Motorsport blowoff valve EBC brakes, Eibach lowering springs, Blox 15mm rear wheel spaces and 17-inch Lenso rims in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber.

It also gets a range of visual updates. With the performance modifications, the vehicle now generates approximately 310 Bhp and 400 Nm. The stock Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI generates a maximum of 177 Bhp and 250 Nm. It is a massive power jump from the stock. The Nardo Grey Octavia is also a Stage 2 level APR modification and generates more than 300 Bhp.

Maruti Ignis Gives 300+ Bhp Skoda Octavias Run for Their Money [Video]

Now for the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, it is powered by the 1.2-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that generates 82 Bhp and 113 Nm in stock form. This vehicle is being driven by Achintya Mehrotra of AM Racing, who is a regular at the track rides and is a pretty experienced driver on the tracks. The modification in the Ignis includes an aftermarket HPI Megamax air filter, Fujitsubo exhaust muffler, Dixcel slotted disc brake tors and Tanabe chassis brace.

All of these parts are from Japan, where modification of cars is extremely popular. Apart from these, it also gets Maxxis Ipro 15-inch tyres and Quantum remap. As per Achintya, with all the aftermarket parts in place, the Ignis does not generate more than 90 Bhp of maximum power. Now that’s minuscule when compared to the power output of the Octavia sedans.

Experience & skill matters!

The video has been taken from the helmet-mounted camera of Achintya. It can be seen that both the Skoda Octavia sedan overtake the Ignis when the speedometer was indicating more than 160 km/h of speed on the straight line but on the corners, the Skoda Octavia sedans were struggling while the Ignis was pushing ahead. Why? Because of the racing lines.

The more experienced driver on the Ignis kept on pushing around the corners while maintaining the proper racing lines. The Skoda sedans can be seen struggling to be on the perfect lines, which is why the Ignis came very close to the sedans on the corners and could have even overtaken them if there were more corners ahead. However, on the straight lines, the Skoda Octavia is much more powerful to catch! This video is a proof that even with a small, less powerful car, you can have great fun on the track!